Lego Jurassic World: All Amber Bricks Location/Unlock All Dinosaurs

Do you want to know the location of all Amber Bricks in Lego Jurassic World? Do you want to know how to unlock all the dinosaurs as well? Well good news, I have made a convenient guide on all the Amber Brick locations, which essentially unlocks all the dinosaurs as well.

Just use the following as a guide to help you collect all Amber bricks and unlock the respective dinosaurs. For your convenience, I have stipulated the chapter and section so you know exactly where to find them.

So get fossil collecting my fellow Paleontologists.

How To Unlock Galliminus

Prologue – The Dig

The first Amber brick is located at The Dig. When you first start the stage cut the rope of the crane. Climb on the fallen equipment to reach the top platform. Follow the path until you see a dark cave, using Ian Malcom light up a flair to reveal the Amber Brick for Galliminus.

How To Unlock Dilophasaurus

Park Shutdown – T-rex Chase

During the T-rex chase around 40-50 secs in the segment, stay to the left side of the road to collect the Amber Brick.

How To Unlock Velociraptor

Restoring Power – Maintenance Shed

Go down the stars and to the right there should be a pile of dung. Interact with the pile to collect the Amber brick.

How To Unlock The Tyranosaurus Rex

Visitor Center – Control Room

Using Lex Murphy find the blue storage unit and then scream to break the glass. Inside will reveal the Amber Brick

How To Unlock Stegosaurus

Isla Sorna – Stegosaurus herd

You will need to bait the Stegosaurus to slam two of the large grey boulders and finally the fallen tree stump with the glowing aura. Doing so you will be rewarded with Amber Brick.

How to Unlock Compsognathus

InGen Arrival – Mobile Lab

After you have towed the caravan safely on firm ground. Climb to the roof of the caravan to collect the Amber Brick.

How to Unlock Parasaurolophus

The Hunted – The Long Grass

Save 5 InGen hunters from the Raptors to be rewarded with Amber Brick. You’ll need someone who can take photo’s.

How To Unlock Apatosaurus

Communication Center – Compound

As you enter the compound, there should be a pile of lego bricks to the left, assemble it together to create a bar to which you can latch on to the next section. In this section, you will notice a stinky cloud of gas. Switch to the raptor to capture the scent, follow the scent up to the building and smell the smaller scent. Doing so will reveal a pile of lego bricks, assemble the bricks and switch to a character with the electric rifle. Shoot the Switch and then shoot the sign next to it to collect the Amber Brick.

How To Unlock Brachiosaurus

San Diego – San Diego Docks

The Amber Brick is inside in the large cargo containers in front of the large cage. Use a flair to see inside.

How To Unlock Corythosaurus

How To Unlock

Landing Site – Landing Site

The Amber Brick can be found on top of the main building. Is is perched on top of the tree near the radio tower. You will need to use a female character and build the stairs to reach it.

How To Unlock The Baronyx

The Spinosaurus – The Crash Site

Within the area you will notice a large pile of dung. Use a character (Owen Grady) that can jump into the dung to retrieve the lego bricks. Assemble the pieces together to create a grip. Using the Velociraptor Blue jump to the ledge and collect the Amber bricks.

How To Unlock Trooden

Breeding Facility – InGen Facility

Using Amanda Kirby. You will need to make your way up to the ceiling using the computer desk on the bottom right corner of the first rundown building. Reach the top to find the Amber Brick.

How To Unlock Pteranodon

Eric Kirby – The Coast

The Amber brick can be found in the large InGen container (surrounded by a wire fence) on the upper area. Use the Velociraptor to open up the container.

How To Unlock Spinosaurus

The Bird Cage – Pteranodon Nest

Can be found after dropping the container over the large Pteranodon. Switch to Ellie and use ability to sprout the bouncing plant. Jump to the top roof of the metal passageway and make your way back to the left from the direction you originally came from. At the end you will find the Amber Brick.

How To Unlock Ankylosaurus

Gyrosphere Valley – Gyrosphere Escape

During the Indominus Rex chase, around 1 minute into the chase, stick to the outer right edge and there you are able to collect the Amber Brick.

How To Unlock Indominus Rex

Out of Bounds – Indominus Escape

After chainsawing the large metal obstacle. Switch to the soldier and using the gun shoot the three targets on the upper area to reveal the Amber Brick.

How To Unlock Dimorphodon

Under Attack – Main Street

After powering up the T-rex hologram. Switch to the character near the museum and use the pools to swing pass over the electric cable. Using Zara slide underneath the opening infront of the clothing shop to reach the Amber Brick.

How To Unlock Mosasaurus

Main Street Showdown – Innovation Centre

In one of the rooms you will notice that the Amber Brick is locked away in a glass cabinet with a CCTV camera protecting a switch. (If I remember correctly you will need to use John Hammond to access the room) Using Owen Grady (Survivor) put on the cloak to pass undectected. Use Zara to open up the cabinet to get the last Amber Brick.

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  1. I have found the amber for almost all of the dinosaurs but they still show as locked in the character list. Any ideas?

  2. All dinos only work on certain worlds. I think all dinos work in JP 1 , but I’m not sure

  3. same thing happend to me with indominus u have to get all fossile peices first or go to the top of innovation centre and go to the dino tram things

  4. You have to go to the avlery in jw to get flyin dinos the realy big pads with blue hexagons will give you the choise of big dinos medium or small dinos

  5. I went into the creation lab and I unlocked all the dinos but there’s still one that’s locked & it looks like a stegosaurus just with bigger plates. Any ideas on how to unlock that one ??

  6. I need help getting all four of Owen’s raptors. How do I?

    • To Anonymous,
      You get all of Owen’s raptors once you get the normal raptor, when you have the first raptor you get the option of being either Blue, Charlie, Delta or Ehco

  7. How do I get all of Owen’s raptors?

  8. the idominus paddock lvl i need the amber brick but i cant find the five scratch places only 4

  9. Can someone please tell me how to get owen’s raptors?

  10. Just unlock the velociraptor ur get all 4 Owen raptor

  11. Nevermind. I got them.

  12. Any idea how to replay the prologue?

  13. the prolouge level can be replayed from the map in world 1

  14. Does this work on 3ds, if not how do I do 3ds

  15. Dashingalmond53 | June 28, 2015 at 8:23 am | Reply

    How do you do it on the 3ds

  16. If you want the D REX you have to complete the domains escape then go on free play get someone with a gun then use the chain saw then the targets shoot them in the upper area!

  17. Booty shakin’ crakalakin’

  18. Can you get all of the dinosaurs on the 3ds I only have 12

  19. I’m not able to cut the rope in the dig site. Any ideas?

  20. Mr.toranadon | July 12, 2015 at 2:20 am | Reply

    They were actually right were the Amber brick was in Paul Kirby the coast

  21. actully have all dinosaurs on the 3ds version… but it says their is 36 of them? if anybody figures out how what it means plz let me know. Oh yeah to get the indomunius rex in the 3ds version you go to boardwalk showdown chapter. onnce in the chapter move behind spawn and destroy all blocks to get a pile of lego bricks. build them into a trampoline and bounce on it to get to the max height and grab the amber their. Hopefully that wuz useful

  22. oh yeah their is actully 17 dinos in the 3ds version

  23. another thing the 3ds version…… the 3ds version is totally differant from the wii U, ps 3 and ps4 version. If you ave all copies compare them to the 3ds version.

  24. idominus rex is hard

  25. Has anyone been a dimorphodon?

  26. does anyone knownhow to get all 17 dinos on 3ds version i only have like 12

  27. Does any one know how to unlock the mosaurus

  28. Do you know how to unlock a compy on a 3ds

  29. i dont get how we get the Mosasaurus. kind’A hard…


  31. Go through a door near an Ingen lock. Use John Hammond to open. the ln use owen to sneak by then use kara to break the glass.At innovation centre level

  32. What you have to do to get the Mosasaurs is. Go to the Innovation Centre level. Use John Hammond to open the door next to you. Sneak past the CCTV and break the glass with any screaming character. e.g. Kara

  33. It says “Park shutdon” on this page for the T-Rex; it should say “Park shutdown”. Littlest of kids might not understand the level name. 😛

  34. Ugh this comment section is full of idiots. So many grammar mistakes and just plain stupidity. People asking hkw to use the flying creatures.

    Where’s the indominus amber? CHECK THE GUIDE ABOVE

    How do I get the second stegosaur?! Omg its skeletal parts not another Stegosaur


    Nobody on earth can be that dumb really.

  35. Why in the world will it not let me unlock the brachiosaurus I’ve unlocked the amber and the minikits

  36. Ball r funny😂

  37. Does anyone know how get amber for breeding facility I’ve played the five times and I can’t find it

  38. I know how to play as branchiosuorus. Fist (On free play)you go to the gyshere area and then you get the Dino off the blie platform. Then once you built the thing,You go to the big dinosours. Then you will find the branchiosuorus icon unlocked.PS: It only works at the gyshere area.

  39. I unlocked ALL the dinosaurs in Lego Jurassic world,but when I go and customize a Dino, theres this 1 thing I didn’t unlock. Here, I’ll describe it for you. It has large spikes on it’s back, AND if you go and customize a pteradon or a Dimorphadon, the only part to customize the dinos body is that dinos body… So do you know what dino it is?

  40. How do you PLAY as the mosasaur?!? I can’t do it!

    • You have to go to the Mosasaurus arena in Jurassic World. Downstairs is the summoning pad. I had a glitch where the pad wasn’t there. depends what console you are on. Hope that helped

  41. Dinosaur girl | March 29, 2016 at 6:48 pm | Reply

    Ha this was sooooo useful to me and I found all of the dinosaurs!😁

  42. how do yoou get flying dinosaur in jurassic world for the 2ds

  43. Jayme Cussen | June 24, 2016 at 7:19 am | Reply

    Excuse me, I’ve almost completed the Mosasaurus area but it says on the map that I’m missing a gold brick. It seems to be in the tank itself but I have no clue where. The gold brick detector is clutching maybe? Please help!

  44. Excuse me, I’ve almost completed the Mosasaurus area but it says I’m missing a gold brick. It seems to be in the actual tank itself but I have no clue. Maybe the gold brick detector is glitching and not showing me where in the tank? Please help!

  45. how do you get the mosasaur on jurassic world 3ds

  46. How do you get the baby velociraptor on Lego Jurassic world on the 3ds?

  47. Its in the start

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