All Legendary Pokemon Locations In Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire

 POkemon Omega Ruby And Alpha SapphireLegendary Pokemon Guide

Do you want to capture all the legendary Pokemon in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire? However, you have no idea where to find these powerful Pokemon. Then I have good news for you, this guide will greatly assist in the hunt to catch all the legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

For your convenience, I have excluded all the Legendary Pokemon that can be captured through the main game. So Groudon, Kyogre, Latias, and Latios.

UPDATE: I’ve noticed some are having problems finding certain Pokemon; please ensure you have finished the Pokemon League and the Delta Episode (Walkthrough in the link). If you are having trouble still, please comment detailing what Pokemon you are looking for and what issue you are facing, I’ll try my best to help.

Update 2: Many have notified me that they are having trouble catching certain Pokemon, particularly the third Pokemon of a legendary trio. Fortunately, you are not alone as I have been inundated with requests asking help finding Uxie, the last musketeer pokemon and the last legendary dogs. Unfortunately, I do not have the answers right now. But it is definitely possible to catch all three of the trio. My advice is to be patient and keep checking every day until the Pokemon you are looking pop ups. Also it might be worthwhile to check at different times of the day; that is morning, afternoon, night and ensure that you have the prerequisites correct.

How to Catch Rayquaza and Deoxys

Rayquaza and Deoxys can be captured naturally by completing the Delta Episode. The Delta Episode is a post game quest that can be completed after beating the Pokemon League. The Delta Episode is a series of fetch quests and backtracking in an attempt to save the world from a Meteor. For the full guide to capture Rayquaza and Deoxys please check Nintendo News Fix Delta Episode Walkthrough.

How To Catch Terrakion, Virizion and Colbalion

how to catch terrakion virizion colbalion

Update: You need A Pokemon with Maximum Effort Values. Fully EV Trained. And visit the Pathless Plain at certain days.

Colbalion: Appears on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday

Terakion: Appears on Tuesday and Saturday

Virizion: Appears on Moday and Thursday

Thanks Shamwow for the Tip

Once you have the Eon Flute, use the item to take to the sky with Latios/Latias. You will need to head to Pacifildog Town via the Sky. Using the map above as an indicator, there should be a large island with a glowing spark mark above near Pacifildog. Hover over the island and land on the mass. The island should be called the Pathless Plain. Following the path there should be a portal at the end. Save your game and press A to interact. You will have an opportunity to either catch Terrakion, Virizion or Cobalion. The legendary musketeer Pokemon will be at level 50. After some time has pass, you can revisit the Pathless Plain to capture the other two legendary Pokemon.

How To Catch Mesprit, Uxie and Azelf

how to catch uxie, azelf and mesprit

Update: You need 3 Pokemon with Maximum Happiness to get Azelf, Mesprit and Uxie (confirmed).

I’ve been told you can capture Uxie by checking the Nameless Cavern between 8-9 pm, when the sun sets. DO NOT MANUALLY CHANGE THE TIME  (VIA YOUR 3DS SYSTEM) AS IT SCREWS IT UP. Wait for the time to naturally occur. Confirmed to work!

“Saw a post about Uxíe only appearing between 8-9pm on ur system clock. Worked for me appeared right on 8pm and I’d been looking for him for days” – Diggly from the comment section.

Using the Eon Flute, head to the skies of Sootopolis City. In this area, you should see a glowing spark similar to the one found near Pacifilfog.  The secret area is called the Nameless Cavern. Inside this path you should see a portal. Save the game and interact with the Portal to encounter Mesprit, Azelf or Uxie. Let some time pass, then revisit the Nameless Cavern to capture the other two pixie legendary.

How to Catch Palkia, Dialga and Giratina


Have Mesprit, Azelf and Uxie in your party. Using the Eon Flute travel to the skies of Dewford Town. In the area you should notice a tear in the sky. Interacting with the tear will have either Palkia (Omega Ruby) or Dialga  (Alpha Sapphire) enter into an encounter. Use this opportunity t capture the jewellery legendary Pokemon. To capture Giratina, have Palkia and Dialga in your party, and you will see a tear in the same area where you caught Palkia, Dialga.

How to Catch Lugia and Ho-oh

how to catch lugia and palkia

Head to Sea Mauville. Once inside the ship go down the left side of the ship, enter the water and use dive to reach the depths. Go down another level to reach the basement level. On the right side of the basement (using the image as a guide), keep pressing A until you find the Scanner. Once have the Scanner, fly to the Slateport City and give the Scanner to Captain Stern. Captain Stern will give you the Tidal Bell. Now, go back to Sea Mauville and the item will resonate with the ship. Now depending on what version you have, you can capture  Ho-oh (Omega Ruby) or Lugia (Alpha Sapphire). Ho-oh will be at the deck, while Lugia is at the basement.

How To Catch Raikou, Entei and Suicune

UPDATE: You need Luigi or Ho-oh in your team and visit the Trackless Forest between specific times during the hour.

Raikou: Visit the Trackless Forest between xx:00 – xx:20 (example between 9:00 – 9:20)

Entei: Visit the Trackless Forest between xx:21 – xx:40 (example between 9:21 – 9:40

Suicune: Visit the Trakless Forest between xx:41 – xx:00 ( example between 9: 41 – 10:00)

Thanks Shamwow for the tip.

When you have Lugia or Ho-oh in your party, a new area will be available for you to visit. East of Rustboro City, you can enter the trackless forest. Here you can capture Raikou, Entei and Suicune. Rinse and Repeat until you get all three legendary dogs.

How To Catch Thundurus, Tornadus and Landorus

Firstly, you will need to catch Thundurus or Tornadus before Landorus becomes available for capture. You will need to have castform in your team. Using the Eon Flute, fly to the skies around Fortree City to find an onimous cloud. Interact with cloud to encounter either Tornadus (Omega Ruby) or Thundurus (Alpha Sapphire). To capture Landorus, you will need both Thundurus and Tornadus. Explore the skies near Fortree City to find the a cloud to encounter Landorus.

how to catch reshiram zekrom

How To Catch Reshiram, Zekrom and Kyurem

Update: I’ve been told you need at least one level 100 Pokemon in your team.

Using the Eon Flute take to the skies and travel to the area near Mauville. You should notice a large island with a spark marking the Fabled Island. Inside you will encounter either Reshiram (Omega Ruby) or Zekrom (Alpha Sapphire). To capture Kyurem, you will need both Reshiram and Zekram in you party. Take to the skies, and explore the area near Mt Chimney to find the Gnarled den. Inside you have the opportunity to capture Kyurem.

How To Catch Registeel, Regirock, Regice and Regigigas

Explored in another Guide.

How To Catch Heatran

Fly to Fortree City and head to route 120. In the surfing area of the route, you should notice a cave; head inside to meet Gym Leader Flannery. Deep inside the cave (it’s not hard to traverse through), you should encounter a Level 50 Heatran.  You can watch the video above (from Pimpnite) for an easy guide to follow.

How To Catch Cresselia

After doing some investigation for myself and some advice from the comment section, I think I know how to unlock Cresselia. Crescent Island (the island where Cresselia presides) appears randomly and you will need to check periodically whether the island appears in your game. I noticed that the there are several Mirage Islands in Hoenn, and also notice that they take turns in appearing at the overworld. I’ve been told there are no prerequisites, so it is logical to conclude that Crescent Island will periodically appear in your game; the only thing required is to keep checking your game. As for where to check, Crescent Island is south of Ever Grande City (Victory Road). Good luck.

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  1. You just go 2 mirage island.After mirage island, another mirage place will open. Go there and go back.But it will be changed to mirage mountain.Go there and leave.Now you can access crescent isle

    • I don’t understand. My Sceptile, Rayquaza, and Flygon are all maxed out in their happiness, and Uxie isn’ appearing. Also, I don’t see how people are having trouble with the Legendary Beasts. I got Entei, Raikou, and Suicune within and hour and a half. If you need 3 maxed out EV Pokemon just to get the Justice Trio, and a level 100 to get the Unova Legends, that’s a little rediculous.

      • Saw a post about Uxíe only appearing between 8-9pm on ur system clock. Worked for me appeared right on 8pm and I’d been looking for him for days

        • Ur kidding right i found all three of the fairy/ physic types and i caught Uxie with one ultra ball. No damage on uxie alli did was throw it at the beginning and most of the time it works. All that stuff about having the legendary dogs is just bull. its not true.

      • I can’t catch the Johto Beasts nor the Swords nor the Lake gardieans. I think it is a glich that needs to be fixed

        • Have you changed your 3DS time in the last 2-3 days? No time-specific Pokémon appear for about that amount of time when you change the clock. That may be why.

      • there is a guide book that you can get for both games that literally tells you everything about both of the games. how to get all the mega stones, how to get all the legendary Pokemon, how to get all the items. gives you the layout for every area of the Hoenn region all the pokemon the Elite Four have. also using pokebank you can move Pokemon from Pokemon X or Y to a
        lpha sapphire or make a ruby

      • I didn’t do any of that I just flew to a star marked island and it said crescent island…I landed there…walked to the ring…and fought and captured cresselia

  2. With Lugia and Ho-oh to find Captain Stern you have to go to the Slateport Harbor

  3. You don’t need both versions of the legendary to capture the others.

    (Ex: You don’t need both Lugia and Ho-oh to capture the legendary dogs.)

  4. Charlie LaPrade | November 24, 2014 at 8:08 pm | Reply

    I got Cresselia. It was on one of those islands with the pink/purple diamonds Down, towards the bottom right corner of the map.

  5. I got crecelia sry if misspelt I forgot how I got it though all I remember was going on an island at night and encountering it I think the island was called crecent mirage or something sry I couldn’t remember everything

  6. Cresselia is caught via flying on Latias/Latios with the Eon Flute.
    It has one of the red markers, and it’ll be Crescent Island. No pre-requisites required that I know of, it was just there for me.

  7. Why can their not be a Darkrai included ;; I need my Darkrai bby

    • Lol I’ll trade my maxed lvl 100 gentle darkrai if you have some good offers, I already have hydreigon so I don’t need a dark type anymore

    • darkrai is in the game if you catch creselia and see a marker over it doesnt that mean another can be caught. if you think about it once you catch the trio swordsmen cobalion, terrakion and virision doesnt the marker disapper same as kyrem and the other two. so there is another pokemon at cresant isle my guess Darkrai it make sence. If you know how to activate the event plz tell Darkrai is my fav.

    • Um I could give u my Darkia

  8. I caught both uxie and mesprit and terrakion and cobalion in one day, then i waited another and another and the rings still just float there

  9. how come when I soar over the spot reshiram is supposed to be in theres no option to land?

  10. Wwait. What should I do if the red markers dont appear for me? They only appear for Mirage Cave.

  11. So I see the portal but I can’t go in them I found trackless Forrest but I can’t enter the portal. please help

  12. I cnat enter the portal with resirham I beat the game and the delta episode I can’t go in the portal

  13. How come pathless plains won’t work for me? It doesn’t even give me the option to land on it.

  14. jay_lastkingz231 | November 26, 2014 at 10:01 pm | Reply

    I caught Azelf & Mespirit & have waited days & days since… It says you need the requirements of pokemon with full happiness to get them, but how come Uxie hasnt come yet?

  15. jay_lastkingz231 | November 26, 2014 at 10:02 pm | Reply

    I caught Azelf & Mespirit & have waited days & days since… It says you need the requirements of pokemon with full happiness to get them, but how come Uxie hasnt come yet?

  16. Vaughan Dietzel | November 26, 2014 at 11:03 pm | Reply

    I have beat the elite 4 and have finished delta episode yet I still cannot manage to get the swords of justice to appear. Also how do you rid shown cave of the water to retrieve the never melt ice. Any help would be greatly appreciated

  17. Has everyone got the update? If so, maybe it’s the updates fault.

  18. Just so you know, there’s a way to catch heatran as well, you have to go to Scalding Slab, near Fortress City, and Flannery will tell you about a rare fire pokemon!

  19. Non of the portals are coming up and I beat the pokemon league and the dealta episode I found two but I can’t enter them and I went and left it on forever and it won’t work I have ho oh I need help please

  20. Russell Peters | November 27, 2014 at 2:08 am | Reply

    I have a question, I went to pathless plain and saved before I went in and fought Virizion. I ran out of Pokeballs so I reloaded and thought it would be a good idea to go get more, so I did but then it wouldn’t let me land back on it again. It’s been a few days and it still hasn’t appeared again. Did I screw it up? If you leave before encountering one of the musketeers, will you be unable to go back?

    • I’m not sure! Here is my experience. I went to pathless plain, caught Terrakion. Left the Pathless Plain, to search for the other legendary pokemon. A day later, I went back and caught Colbalion. Repeated the process again to catch verizion. I’m not sure why so many individuals are having trouble finding the legendary Pokemon, I’ve been been able to catch them with no problem. Perhaps the latest update has caused a few bugs.

      • Russell Peters | November 27, 2014 at 5:34 am | Reply

        I think I figured it out, I swapped out the Pokemon I was raising for the Pokemon I beat the Elite 4 with (Metagross, Latios, Hariyama, Sceptile, Groudon, Mightyena). I had a lot of theories as to why this needed to happen, like maybe you needed Latios or Groudon in your party (or their Sapphire equivalents), but I started to swap them out one by one to the team I was using and tried to approach it, and it wasn’t until I put my Bayleaf on the team that I was unable to access it. It may be a happiness thing or a level thing, but it’s only level 25 and I haven’t used it much, so I dunno. You definitely don’t need anything specific though.

  21. entei isnt where he is supposed to be and i have ho oh and another legendary why?

  22. The portals are not refreshing for me, . And the Fabled Cave/Island not appearing either. And I’m only finding Mirage Island. I have Alpha Sapphire.

  23. I beat both delta episode and the Pokemon league once and the area for capturing terrakion cobalion and so forth

  24. Hi I caught Uxie and Azelf but Mesprit won’t appear. I’m typically impatient, and only gave it 12 hours. And does anyone have a way to grind so I can get to lvl 100? I have a power saves, but I don’t think ORAS is on it yet, and my pokebank won’t let me transfer my lvl 100s. Any help would be nice 🙂

    • Nevermind, I got mesprit and dialga 🙂 But still can’t transfer my level 100s :/ They’re legit, too.

      • If you have x or y just send them over(dont give them any new items or moves, and cosplay pikachue will not trade over.) there put them in the day care go to the 5th gym, put a dime under the joy stick so it pushes you left or right you will go around the tower infinitely. The plug in your charger and let the pokes level while you sleep. The when they at lv100 send them back to oras. Easy.

    • well there is codes 4 O.R and A.S from the powersaves

  25. I hve caught raikou and suicune, but when i want to catch it, he doesnt appear..
    Does anyone know why??

  26. Yea I’m having trouble getting azelf, I have both uixe and mispirit but am yet to have azelf appear, what am I not doing?

  27. You dont need a level 100 for kyurem

  28. Does any of you guys found mirage moutain??

  29. I have given up on regice but I can only get mesprit

  30. I have given up on regice but I can only get mesprit but cannot get uxie or azelf

  31. I can not find Uxie. It’s been 2 days since I caught the last 2, plus I have 6 pokemon currently on my team with max happiness. Is there anything else that I’m possibly missing?

  32. I killed virizion can I get it back somehow will it respawn after I beat the elite four for the second time like in black white black 2 and white2 ?

  33. I made it to pathless plains but when i walk to the portal i can’t go in it!! 🙁

  34. I’m having a problem where the Crescent Isle won’t disappear, after I’ve caught Cresseslia in Omega Ruby. Additionally none of the mirage spots will allow me to enter the rings, and it has been over 24 hours since I’ve attempted a fight in any of them. I have caught Terrakion, Cobalion, Azelf, Ho-Oh, Reshiram, Kyurem, Heatran, Cresselia and Tornadus (After the Delta Episode). All of the pokemon in my party are max happiness, all level 100. I still have to do the Regis. I’m just kind of confused, as I can access all of the main mirage spots, and with Ho-Oh and Darkrai in my party, I can’t fight any of the Dogs or any more of the Lake Trio. Perhaps the unlocking of the legendaries relies on having a different rotating Mirage spot?

  35. I need help on pathless plain I can not get terrakian cobalion or virizion to spawn at all. also I have regice nicknamed and holding nevermelt ice with regirock and registeel in my party and regigiegis will not spawn either if anyone knows the solution pls tell me

    • You most likely need the snowball you can get the snowball at the battle Maison

      • You need to wait for 24 hours and then go to where you ground regime and then an earthquake should happen and he will appear. Also you need to talk the the girl in the north easterly part of Pacific log town

        • You DONT need to wait 24 hours but you do need to talk to the girl. It also needs to be between 10am – 5pm for Regigigas.

  36. I can’t find the island that has keldeo’s leaders.

  37. Uxie isnt appearing i gave it a day i have 5 pokemon with max happiness help plz

  38. I am having trouble finding Uxie, I have caught Mesprit and Azelf and have three Pokemon with max happiness. Whenever I go to the Nameless Cavern I don’t get a notification telling me that it is there, when I try to interact with the ring I get the message ” A mysterious ring is floating in the air… ” Can anyone tell me what I am missing or what I am doing wrong?

  39. Do you need Lugia and Ho-oh to find Raikou, Entei, and Suicine? Or can it be Lugia and another legendary?

  40. Um I killed ho oh and forgot to save and don’t feel like going back and doing hours of work again, so does anyone know if they reappear even if you kill it?

  41. I have my white’s Zekrom. Its fully trained and leveled the super training even says so, however I cant even find the pathless plain. After I put my ho-oh from o.r. and my lugia from as I found the trackless forest. Yet nothing came out the portal. Not any of the three. I bought the official guild the first day the game came out and now im looking high and wide for info so I can compete my national dex and I need these legendaries. If you help that would be nice. Btw I have completed the delta episode.

    • The Pathless Plain is on the big island near Pacifildog. Just Fly to Pacifildog; once there use the Eon ticket and search the nearby islands (there should be a glowing spark that marks the area). Please ensure you have a full EV trained Pokemon.

      As for Trackless forest, you have Lugia or ho-oh in your team right? Kinda odd, the pre-requisites are still not known yet. But I’ve been able to catch them for some reason.

      • I know the exact location its in the guild its just not popping up. No red star thing. I think its some bug or im just not meeting all the prerequisites. As for the trackless forest I have both in my party. The star is there. The ring is there. But when I click on it. None of the trio comes out. As if I caught all of them allready. And not to mention street pass doesn’t work. I have 2 3ds and I have never gotten my other game’s mirage point. I really think the game is just being buggy.

        • Hey friend, it might be worthwhile to bring 3 level 100 pokemon with you. It worked with me. I had lugia and 3 level 100 pokemon and they appeared with no problem

          • Yeah the pathless plain showed up when I had three fully trained pokemon. And the dogs finally popped out. Thanks.

  42. In my copy of the game, it only let’s me catch 2 of any trio. I can catch enter, suicune, cobalion, uxie, and mesprit, but not the third of each group.

  43. I can’t get captain stern to take the scanner and Ive spoken to the scientist he tells me to deliver it to him, and when I go to give it to him all he talks about is the odd keystone ( I’ve also already caught spiritomb) pls help need to catch lugia

  44. Im haveing a problem trying to get the rings to react. I beat the delta episode, but the ring still will not react. Maybe it has to do with that I accidentally killed deoxeys instead of carching him. Idk, but anybody pls help. Btw, mega raquaza + dragon pulse = dead deoxeys ;-;

    • Yeah I didn’t even want to risk it since you don’t get to save after catching Rayquaza. Just blew my Master Ball on him

      • After delta episode beat elite 4 again go to the space center in mossdeep go to second floor and talk to the scientist he will say there was a Pokemon on the meteorite then go to the sky pillar and battle deoxys I don’t know if u have to battle elite 4 I just battled them cause I wanted uxie and a elf

  45. Hey, uh I’ve tried to go to pathless plains and Terrakion just won’t appear for some reason. Any help?

  46. Mirage Cave won’t dissapeer, and Azelf and Virizion won’t come. All my pokemon have full EV’s and max happiness. I have the update and Alpha Sapphire Version.

  47. I am having trouble I have a lot of legendaries and I go to unnamed cave or whatever but there’s nothing there also I have alpha sapphire I have also learned that in order to get the sword masters to apear you need 6 different eevee evolutions and I can’t get any other sprites to appear I’m so confused

  48. I have Lugia in my team and I can get to the trackless forest but not even one of the legendary dogs will encounter….why?

  49. After beating the cave of origin and caught Groudon, I went and caught Mespirt; thought it was a glitch of course. Then I flew around and was able to catch Ho-oh. Went to Fortree City and caught Tornadus. Caught Terrakion and Cobalion before Iand beat the Pokemon League. After I caught Rayqauza and Dexoys, I tried and catch Azelf and Uxie, wouldn’t let me. Waiting a day or so and tried again, again no luck. During a 3 day span I caught Cresselia, Virizion ( who by the way is the biggest pain in my side over 3 games), Raikou, Entei, and Suicune. The game still won’t let me catch either Azelf OR Uxie. I need help bad.

  50. I’ve been hunting for the dog trio and got a shiny suicune yesterday and started to hunt for a shiny entei, but today before I started I went to get all the flags from secret bases and when I came back entei wouldn’t spawn, I have the same party I used yesterday to spawn suicune so it has nothing to do with my party, anyone know why I can’t get entei to spawn?

  51. well trackless forest appeared but not the legendary dog trio

  52. Psst! Hey everyone who can’t catch Uxie! It only appears at night after 8 p.m.. Hope that helped.

  53. i caught heat ran with onl;y using 3 pokeballs when it was at full health

  54. you don’t need level 100s for the 3 dogs

  55. I can’t get regigigas !! I did all the requirements and he still isnt showing up ?

  56. I think that the Crescent Isle appears based on how many passer-bys you get with the PokeNav. It seems like for every 30 you get, a new island appears, and after so many, the the Crescent Isle will show up.

  57. The whole Azelf in afternoon and Uxie after 8pm didn’t work work, I just found Azelf at 10:25 pm (est) so when do I go find Uxie

  58. You dont need to max out evs to find the dogs. I just used three level 100s and it worked. They aper like every 30 minutes or so maybe, you don’t need to wait hours for them.

  59. You can find mesperit in the morning, azelf at night, and uxie in the afternoon, trust me.

  60. I need help, I have regice, regirock, registeel, regigigas, lugia, ho-oh, tornadus, landorus, thunderus, suicune, raikou, entei, raquaza, groudon, deoxys, heatran, latios, virizion, cobolion, mespirit and azelf but I can’t get any other legendary at all, the last in the musketeers trio I just need to wait a couple of hours for, but I can’t get anything else. P’s… I know I need a 100 pokemon forfor resuram I’m fine there. But plz help for cresselia and uxie

    • For Cresselia, just visit all available mirage islands in your game THEN look for Cresselia. around Pokémon League island and Pathless Plains-ish mostly on Pokémon league side.

  61. I killed the zekrom, and ive beaten the pokemon league, can i go back to redo it?

  62. The guide on how to capture the 3 legendary dogs is wrong. You DO NOT need BOTH Ho-oh and Lugia; you only need one. Then, go to the Trackless Forest once you have one of them in your party. Make sure you have a full party. Then, catch them one after the other. To make another spawn, just Soar out and immediately Soar back in.


  64. Hey wassup, I’ve been having problems catching legendaries ever since I tried to change my 3ds time so that I would be able to get Regigigas, though I wasn’t able to for some reason. And now when I try to go to trackless forest, and I talk to the portal, nothing happens even though I got Lugia and Ho- Oh in my party, and it’s te same for me trying to get Mesperit and Verizion! Please help! Is there any way I can catch them other than starting a new game, or any way I can reset my time in order for them to appear or something! Thanks!

    • Mega Charlizard Z | December 1, 2014 at 9:54 pm | Reply

      When you reset the time on your 3DS, some of the functions in the game are disabled. Don’t worry, all you have to do is be patient…or take out the battery so you are forced to reset the time as if nothing happened.

  65. Hi there! so just curious, I accidentally killed deoxys because I wasn’t expecting him, is there anyway he can return, or is it over for me? Also how do you know if your pokemon has max EV? thanks 🙂

    • 1. I’ve been told you can re-battle deoxys after you rematch the pokemon league and win. Once done go back to the top of sky pillar and Deoxy should be there. I can’t confirm it myself, but its worth a try.

      2. You can check your ev’s by going to the super training on the bottom screen. There should be a bar to indicate the ev points of the pokemon.

      • Beating the pokemon league and going back to the sky pillar works because i killed deoxys in the delta episode and then wanted to fight the pokemon league again for fun the went back to sly pillar and found deoxys.

  66. Listen if u want regigig as u need regice to be nicknamed

  67. I found mesprit by accident and I only just beat the game so I don’t know why.

  68. Still can’t get Uxie. Game is starting to making me angry

  69. whitney samples | December 3, 2014 at 1:54 am | Reply

    how do I get to the sky pillar in pokemon omega ruby??

    • InfinityNight | March 2, 2015 at 3:52 pm | Reply

      During the delta episode,You will see Wallace and he will go to sky pillar after you talk to him.(Sky Pillar is on route 131).There, he will battle you again and if you win you can enter Sky Pillar.

  70. My 1st mirage island has been mirage mountain & its been the same & hasnt changed to the other mirages & then crescent isle. HOW DO U GET THEM TO CHANGE? That is my biggest concern cuz I want cresselia and the other mirage islands. Its been mirage mountain for a while now. Please help 🙁


  72. thats how i got them

  73. better hurry up to catch terrakion i got virizion

  74. now i lied on delta walkthrough

  75. I have all- no Deoxis and Rayquaza-, dont need do Delta Episode to get them, tomorrow will do the Delta Episode.

  76. what about the legendary birds?

  77. None of my pokemon had maxed out happiness, but I managed to catch Uxie and the rest of the lake trio. Uxie only appeared for me around sunset, and I caught it around 8:40pm.

  78. im wondering if u can catch keldeo if u have virizion cobalion & terrakion…

  79. im wondering if you can really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really can get keldeo

  80. for some reason the ominous cloud wont show up

  81. though i got the lake guards:D

  82. My name is Tara and I was wondering if you know where I can get all the legendary pokemon in alpha sapphire?

  83. how do you get max happiness

  84. So I have a slight problem. For some reason I’ve already caught Cobalion, Mesprit and Azelf and I haven’t even beaten the game. Anyways, I’m stuck on one of the mirage islands, it’s called “Mirage Cave” and it’s near Fallarbor Town. I need an acro bike to make it through one of the caves but I need a mach bike to get through the other. If I fly away, I go back to the start again. Is there a way to get both bikes? I need the acro to get to the location of the place I need the mach.

  85. I accidentally killed some of the legendary pokemon, can I get them back?

  86. i have every single legendary exept for that dang resiram also i keep killing pokemon/legendarys

  87. Me and my bro saw Azelf at 9-10 PM in our system clock. (Around 9:50 PM) Also, we both caught Azelf and Uxie at the same day. Catching Uxie at around 8:30 PM. Can anyone confirm this.

  88. I got all 3 legendary dogs , just need to wait 5 days later , then the last one appears

  89. I got both lugia and Ho oh but the ring in trackless forest is not reacting! someone please help me!!!

  90. I was impatient earlier on and changed the time on my system. I changed it back but now uxie wont spawn at the above mentioned time. Did I screw it up? 🙁

    • You will need to wait at least a week or so (maybe a bit early). I had the same problem, but i ensure you that it will work, just need to exercise patience.

  91. For the ring in trackless forest youll need either lugia or ho oh in your party. The three will appear according to time of the hour 00:20 20:40 40:60.

  92. I killed Azelf. I ran from Heatran. Is there anyway I get them to appear again?

  93. I literally just hit Terrakion with Dragon Pulse from Rayquaza and he dropped to exactly 1 HP. Luck could not be any more on my side.

  94. Non of the holes work. Like they appear but they don’t give me an option to go into them. Is there only 1 legendary per copy?

  95. Spelled Giratina wrong Ghiratina is not how you spell it.

  96. I have azelf, I can’t find mesprit or Uxie. ALso, the portal for Entei Raiko and suicune but it says, there is a portal in Trackless Forest………

  97. Changed time on 3DS, none of the portals working. Changed time back, still not working.

  98. For everyone having trouble with making the legendary beasts or the pixie trio appear: Make sure you don’t put your game cart into a different DS or change the clock on your DS for 24 hours before trying to encounter the legendaries. Time based events are stopped if the game sees that there’s been a jump in time- it’s to stop cheating by putting your clock forward to make them appear quicker.

  99. What happens if u enter Ho-oH’s portal and run/flee the battle ? I did it by mistake ;'(

  100. lilaccatlover125 | December 20, 2014 at 2:44 pm | Reply

    (Misprint without saving)

  101. Before reading this, I manually changed the time. Is it broke?

    • Nope, give it a week and a half. It will reset in due time. I made the same mistake and in about a week and a half, it went back to normal

  102. I have both Ho-oh and Lugia in my party and I found the trackless forest so when I went there I could go to the portal but no pokemon is there to begin with?

  103. i screwed with the time to try and get uxie and azelf faster i got mespirit but now they arent showing up, what do i do?

  104. Can’t get uxie and azelf to appear I have max happiness on 3 pokemon and I waited 5 days .but they won’t appear

  105. Will Heatran reappear? Already encountered it inside the Scorched Slab but I had to disengage and get back to town because I didn’t had enough Ultra Balls. Went back inside and alas, can’t get back inside the circle.

  106. What if you killed Zekrom? Will he appear again?

  107. Awesome!

  108. So, I have met all of the requirements for Raikou, Entei, and Suicune. But they never appear. It is the same with the ones from gen 5, Coballion, Verizion, and the third one. But they never appear either. Please help me… What am I doing wrong!!!

    • Please, someone, answer this question. I have exactly the same problem with the lake, sword AND hound trio. You’d do us a big favor!

  109. u know how everyones saying you only get uxie with happy pokemon?well thats wrong cause i caught it without happy pokemon.

  110. How do u know if u have full happiness

  111. I accidentally killed Entei. Now i cant seem to find him anymore. been trying for a couple of days. what do i need to do for him to reappear? or do i need to start all over? many thanks

  112. Um I’ve had lots of trouble with uxie and I screwd up and thought I could time cheat now uxie won’t pop up at the time can anyone help me? Or know a trick to help? I need uxie.

  113. I got every legendarys its Awsome

  114. So, no matter how much research i do, no matter how many things I have tried, I can’t get Suicune to appear for me, please help!

  115. Uxie is found from 8 am to 9 am, so when the sun rises

  116. As of 1:12 EST December 31st 2014 Cresent isle is availible via Wifi Connection if anyone is interested in knowing (MIght just be for an hour since this post at the stated time)

  117. I’ve got Ho oh and I’ve been able to get to trackless forest but when I make contact with the portal it only shows a short dialog I’ve also beat the e4 twice and finished the delta episode what else do I need.?

  118. Cant seem to find captain stern in slateport

  119. So im trying to catch regigigas and im havung troubles, so i have beat delta episode, i have all three regi in party with regice nicknamed and holding castilcone (and tried nevermeltice) and it is during the day but still wont work. I traded my registeel for another registeel do you think that is what causing problem?

  120. Pokemon lover 101 | January 2, 2015 at 11:24 pm | Reply

    guys stop fighting you can find cresselia , the dog trio , palkia, dialga, giratina, or supossedly and even some of the pokemon from black and white and even heatran
    cresselia can be found at crescent Island next the dog trio can be found at the trackless forest near mt.chimney but you will need latios or latias to soar with Ho-Oh or lugia to get the trio dog. palkia and dialga you find them in a tear in the sky but sadly dialga can only be found in alpha sapphire and palkia omega ruby but you have to have azelf mespirit and uxie in your party. Then to find Heatran you will find it her/him in the sorched slab which it is on route 120 in the water. the trio from black and white will be found in the pathless pass. Next giratina will be in the same tear in the sky but you will need palkia and dialga to get giratina. Finally the main legendary pokemon in black and white will need Latios 100 or other pokemon in your team so this is all you need.

  121. I am having the same problem, I have completed delta episode, and I caught Mesprit and Azelf but Uxie just won’t appear, all my pokemon are maxed out happiness and I’ve waited till 8:30 (eastern) and uxie didn’t show up. Another problem I’m having is that I can’t catch the legendary dogs I’m in front of the portal but I can’t go through to get entei/suicune/raikou

  122. I have all 3 regis regice is nicknamed+holding casteliacone but regigigas wont appear its coming up with “…? There seemed to be some presence here, but it disappeared in an instant…”
    Regice is nicknamed regice is that wrong? also have not spoken to girl do i need to? i have Lv 100 rayquaza, 41 for all regis 43 sharpedo and 91 deoxys plz plz help and i have NOT messed with clock.
    I have all other legendaries apart from Cresselia Cresent Isle wont appear WHAT DO I NEED TO DO????
    Also, for everyone fussing over defeated legendaries or if u ran away just beat elite 4 again, is anyone else annoyed that they get better pokemon and can mega evolve? SOOOOO UNFAIR!!!!

  123. I just caught terrakion on my first try with a quick ball! Oh yeah!

  124. you r still missing alot for leagendary (or mythical) pokemon and I can name all of them. it is arceus, articuno, celebi, darkrai, jirachi, manaphy, mew, mewtwo, moltres, phione, shaymin (both formes),victini, zapdos, xerneas, yveltal, zygarde and what about giratina’s origin forme. There r 3 more from kalos but I don’t know how to spell there names.

  125. this is eva her sister. your advice was relly helpful. Do you happen to know were Manphy is? My little sister Melodie wants one I alredy have Phoney, but need Manphy

  126. I no how to chanje tornadus landurus and thundurus forms

  127. When I land in trackless forest it won’t let me go into the ring even though I have ho-oh

  128. Cressent Island appeared when I was interacting with another 3DS system trying to pass the Eon Ticket, before I got the Eon Ticket, it said “you got a new mirage spot” and it was Cressent Island. Then when I was passing the Eon Ticket to my boyfriend before I passed it said the same thing: “you got a new mirage spot”. Cressent Island. I think it can only appear by interacting with another 3DS.

  129. You can catch Spiritomb as well if you get the scanner, take it to a room which is in the right side of the cabin area, which you can reach by diving. You walk into the room, and instantly a message will appear which says “it feels like your being watched” walk to the left side of the room where there is a cabinet with broken glass. Check it and after reading the whole thing the same message will appear. Look at something like your pokedex, then stop. The odd keystone which Spiritomb is in will appear. Instantly you will be thrown into a battle. DO NOT attempt to attack him, because he will use a move called memento, which will kill him and do some damage to your pokemon. So instead of attacking him, throw an ultra ball. It will instantly catch him.

  130. I caught almost EVERY legendary pokemon!And found ledendary pokemon from a hack with no Internet!Like I got a mewtwo phycic type+genesect bug type+xernas fairy type and these are awesome legendaries.But what I’m really trying to do is get a castform at the weather institute then get the legendary pokemon LANDEROUS!!!!!!!!!!¡

  131. you don’t need the scanner for spiritomb

  132. I personally think that legendaries are weak if you train primary Pokemons… -_-
    Although its very fun to collect them, I have a box in the pc full of legendaries and its fun. But still they are weak. Me and my cousin battled, me with legendaries and my cousin with starters. He gave me the ultimate beat down.

    But still they are fun to collect.

  133. I got regigias. Thanks

  134. Everybody who needs the dog trio you need ho-oh (omega ruby)or lugia (alpha sapphire)and another legendary and trackless forest will appear for the lake trio I just randomly encountered them for Resiram (or)or Zekrom (as)you need a lvl 100 pokemon any pokemon the sword trio on Sundays cobalion will appear Tuesday terrakion will appear and on Monday viziorn will appear hope this helps 🙂

  135. If you can catch cressellia couldn’t you catch darkrai to?

  136. Could somebody tell me who they had in their party to catch raikou, entei and suicune please???

  137. I found trackless forest but can’t go in the portal…could someone tell me why???

  138. I found trackless forest but can’t go in the portal… Can somebody tell me why??

  139. It makes me kinda mad thinking about it…

  140. Okay so when playing OR post E-4 the firsts legends I caught where the lake trio all three uxie azelf and mespirit showed up within 12 hours. I then caught all three regi’s and then Regigigas. I then caught caught ho-oh and just today I caught entei, suicune, and raiku. But I have all level 100 pokemon(legit competitive team) and all three lake trio and I cannot get the dialga, palliative rift to appear nor reshiram and zekrom area despite saying I only need what is listed in this article. There HAS to be something more to it. Because doing just what this article says neither work. So it must be time of day, or something more. If anyone knows get back to me.

  141. u noobs!!!!!!!!! I got resheram in sapphire instead of ruby. EPIC GAME HACKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  142. noobs I caught a resheram in sapphire. EPIG GAME HACKS!!!!!!!!!!

  143. lololololololololololololololololoololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololol

  144. Raikou is a saber-toothed tiger.

  145. Uh I need a bit of lil brother traded his own azelf in the gts for another pokemon. Is it possible for him to recapture it after beating the Pokemon league?

  146. To catch Thundurus, you need Castform in your party.

  147. I cant Find HO-HO any where

  148. I cannot catch the Legendary dogs. I I have a lvl100 mewtwo, and I dont know why I cant catch them, but I can see the portal. The dogs just arent there

  149. I know what the problem is.
    You can get uxie and mesprit with omega ruby and azelf and mesprit with alpha sapphire

  150. POKEMONOBAMA | July 12, 2015 at 8:34 pm | Reply

    I have cought every single legendary in alpha sapphire with only using pokeballs

  151. I can’t find a red sparkle anywhere accept for mirage mountain. I don’t know if there is portal there or what, but i can’t find anything.

  152. I need a zekrom but the gts is a totally screwy system and won’t let me trade any other legendaries (I have two diances, two mesprits and azelfs, two suicunes and two tornadus’ (both forms) but it keeps saying “that’s a special pokemon you can’t trade it.” does anyone have one and they want anything i mentioned for their zekrom?

  153. Hey how you doing guys? You should check out GameXplain he tells you all about all the Legendary locations and its really good, I caught 7 Legendarys in 3hours thanks to him, I caught uxie, tornadous, Cobalion, Entei, Ho-Oh, Spiritomb, and Heatran and now im really happy 😀 and he gives you full instructions – I wish I watched him for the regi trio instead of Zeph cuz GameXplain gives full Guide/steps!

  154. how do you catch mesprit if it alredy fanted? #so irtated

  155. will any one trade me lugia i just found out that i CAN NOT catch it in omega ruby an i want it SO bad pleas help me out i will trade you a good pokemon #so irtated if ps if you need to know who to trade to find bloom

  156. will any one trade me a gligar?

    # so irtated

  157. How To Catch Raikou, Entei and Suicune

  158. Please, someone, gimmie an Arceus

  159. I tried too.It didn’t work

  160. Soooooooooooooooo stupid. I am trying to get raikou or entei and it is freaking not working!!!!!!!

  161. Pls help out!!!!!!!!……………………………

  162. How do I get tornadus??????????!!!!!!!!!!!

  163. I actally cannot find the dark cloud!!!!!!!

  164. I’m actially trying but I can’t

  165. It still won’t show up!!!!!!!

  166. Lol, “You need Luigi or Ho-oh”

  167. So i was impatient and didn’t know that it would fuck it all if i changed the time does anybody know how to fix it?

  168. I have azelf, uxie and mesprit but the tear in the sky isnt above dewford, ive finished the pkm league and delta episode but still cant get the tear too appear, and i have them in my party

  169. The easiest way to get the legendary dogs in one day is
    1. Get Ho-oh AND Lugia in your party
    2. Have one more legendary (any)
    3. Go to trackless forest and catch the first one
    4. Go back and swap the third legendary for a different one then go back and catch the second
    5. Repeat the process and BOOM you have all three
    This worked for me!! Hope it helped 🙂

  170. for some reason there are like 5 mirage island,forest when i fly around and one of the was crescent isle so i just caught cresselia after my second time flying with the eon flute, i think its a glitch

  171. I can’t get Palkia how come?

  172. I caught my reshiram with 1 lvl 100 (keldeo)

  173. Why do u not say how to catch the regis?

  174. To clarify u only need one level one hundred to catch Zektom/Reshiram and both in your team to catch Kyurem

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