The Legend Of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D – Final Boss Battle Guide Majora’s

Welcome to Nintendo News Fix, Majora’s Mask Final Boss Guide. After completing all four temples in Termina, you will be able to take on the final boss, Majora’s Mask. In my opinion, Majora’s Mask is one of the more tricky final boss that the series has to offer, so coming prepared or at least having a general idea on how to defeat the various stages will put you in good stead during the fight.

I know that many will take the easy route by using the Fierce Deity Mask. However, if you opt to go the normal way, I will take you through how I beat Majora.

Stage 1: Mask Form

The first form of Majora’s is quite straight forward. Essentially, you will want to hit Majora with any sort of attack. This can be done by a number of methods, but I recommend using your sword (preferably the Great Fairy Sword) or the Bow & Arrow.

In this stage of the battle, Majora’s only form of attack is a flying spinning attack that propels towards you. With the sword, unleashing a Spin Attack when Majora hurls itself . Landing an attack will stun Majora, giving you free reign to land a few more attacks. The Great Fairy Sword with its longer range will make things a little easier.

If you opt for the Bow & Arrow, you will need to find an opening to the softer back side of the mask. You can use the magical arrows like the Light Arrows, but I would stick to the normal kind.

After a few hits, Majora will summon its other mask (which are the remain of the temple boss) to assist it. Now, you will want to reflect the laser with your Mirror Shield back towards Majora. After a good hit with the lasers, the next phase will begin.

Stage 2: Majora’s Incarnation

In the second phase, Majora will spawn limbs and runaround the battlefield like a chicken. The first thing you will want to do is to take out the four assisting mask with the light arrows. It will take two arrows to take out one of the assisting masks.

Now for Majora itself. Essentially, you will want to catch the frantic running mask with a well timed sword attack (like a spin attack) or with your bow. Landing a hit will tumble Majora, giving you a window to land more attacks. After landing a number of good hits, will end the phase and mark the next stage.

Stage 3: Majora’s Wrath

The battle will start to get more difficult in this stage. In replace of its arms, Majora will grow wip-like arms. The trouble is it will be very difficult to close in distance because of the wip and Majora, itself, can be unforgiving at times.

At this stage, I’d recommend switching to the normal arrows (Light Arrows does work). Keeping at medium distance between fire off arrows at Majora to stun him giving you an opportunity to unleash a combo. However, if you find yourself to far from the stun Majora, shoot him again to maintain the stun until you can close the distance.

After a few good hits, Majora will finally succumb to your might. Congratulations! Enjoy the ending scene and the credits!

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