Karmen Rider: SummonRide NFC Toys Are Quite Neat

The toys-to-life product have become a lucrative business for the likes of Activision and Disney. The break-out success of the Skylanders and Disney Infinity franchise have other companies like Nintendo and now Bandai Namco wanting to enter the market with their own offerings. We all know of Nintendo’s Amiibo launching alongside Super Smash Bros. For Wii U  later this year, but you may not have heard that Bandai Namco will be challenging Ninty’s Amiibo with their own NFC offerings.

Launching in December in Japan, Bandai Namco first NFC game will be Karmen Rider: SummonRide for the Nintendo Wii U and PlayStation 3. Much like Skylanders, the Karmen Rider: SummonRide will be accompanied with a portal and figurines, which will be used to summon Riders into the game.

New images have emerged showcasing the NFC figurines in their neat glory. It is likely that these figurines will never make it across the pond, but at least it can provide the Wii U library with additional variety in the Japanese market. Please do check the images below.

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