Hyrule Warriors: Legends – Wind Waker Campaign Trailer

Nintendo has released a brand new trailer for the upcoming 3DS title РHyrule Warriors: Legends. The brand new trailer showcases never-seen-before footage of the Wind Waker campaign in Hyrule Warriors: Legend.

You can view the trailer down below.

Hyrule Warriors: Legend is a port of the Wii U title, but with a number of new inclusions. Hyrule Warriors: Legend will feature all the content from the Wii U version plus the Wind Waker Campaign. 3 new warriors will be added to the playable roster. Players will be able to take control of Toon Link, Tetra and the King of Red Lions.

All the additional content introduced in Legends can be transferred to the Wii U version.

Hyrule Warriors: Legend is schedule for release in Q1 2016.

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