Hyrule Warriors Legends Linkle Gameplay Trailer

A new trailer for the upcoming 3DS title – Hyrule Warriors – has been made available for fans to watch. The new trailer showcases tantalizing new gameplay footage of the recently announced character – Linkle.

As her name may already suggest, Linkle can be considered the female equivalent of our favorite hero Link. Instead of using the typical sword and shield, Linkle’s specialty is the duel-wielding Crossbows. With the duel-crossbows in hand, Linke is able to dispose multiple enemies with a combination of kicks and arrows.

You can view the new trailer below.

Hyrule Warriors Legend is a directors cut of the Wii U title of the same name. Legends includes a number of new characters and expanded story that incorporates the Wind Waker universe.

Hyrule Warriors Legends is due to hit stores on January 21 in Japan, and on March 25 in Europe and North America.

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