Hyrule Warriors: All Stars Heading To The 3DS

Hyrule Warriors: All Stars has just been announced for the Nintendo 3DS.

Koei Tecmo and Nintendo will be porting the Wii U title, Hyrule Warriors to the 3DS. It has the official name, Hyrule Warriors: All Stars. From what I can gather it is essential the same game as Hyrule Warriors on Wii U, but with the inclusion of Tetra and King of Red Lions as playable character.

The 3DS and Wii U versions can interact to transfer Tetra and the King of Red Lions to the Wii U iteration. Furthermore, a new weapon has been revealed, the Golden Ocarina.

A new feature included in the game is the ability to command an ally to use a special by touching an icon on the bottom screen.

At the time of writing, the trailer has been placed in a hidden playlist so this is an early leak and was not intended to be revealed so early. Surprised ruined.

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