Gorgeous FAST Racing Neo Wii U Screenshots

Fast Racing Neo has been a long awaited title from the acclaimed developer, Shin’en. While we haven’t had the pleasure of in-game footage yet, Shin’en has kindly shared new screenshots of Fast Racing Neo, and by golly do they look good.

The screenshots are from the Alpha version of Fast Racing Neo, and judging from what we can see, Shin’en has achieved an impressive level of graphical fidelity, probably far beyond what is currently available on the Wii U.

The developer has remain committed to a 2015 release date, with the first gameplay footage scheduled to be unveiled this month.

Nintendo fans have strong reasons to be excited for Facing Racing Neo, as it is touted to fill the void left by the absence of F-zero in recent years. The game promises to have online play, and will run at 720p and 60fps.

You can view the screenshots at the gallery below! And please do check out the official website using this link.

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