How To Get Link’s Golden Gauntlets In Hyrule Warriors

How To Unlock Link’s Golden Gauntlets

Finding the right item among the many unlockable’s in Adventure Mode is a little overwhelming, especially if you have no point of reference. If you are looking for a way on how to get Link’s third weapon type, the Golden Gauntlets, then you have arrived at the right place. This is the best guide on the internet that will ensure that will you have the Golden Gauntlets unlocked.

hyrule warriors golden gauntlets

The Golden Gauntlets is located at the south east quadrant of the Adventure Mode map. Use the image above as a point of reference to locate the exact position of the Grid where the Golden Gauntlets lay hidden. The position you are aiming to reach is marked by the Darunia and the red circle. If I remember correctly reaching to the point should not be difficult.

golden gauntlet hyrule warriors

Once at you destination, press X to search the area. You will need a torch to unlock the conditions for the Golden Gauntlet’s to appear. In the image above you will notice that I have already revealed the secret passage, however, a tree was once sitting there. You will need to use the torch to burn that tree in order to reveal that secret passage.

In order to be rewarded with the Golden Gauntlets you will need to earn an A Rank on the respective mission. Getting an A Rank in this mission isn’t terribly difficult if you follow my instructions. In fact, following my strategy will guarantee you an an A Rank. I’ve tried this multiple times and have succeeded in earning A in every attempt, so it is certified.

hyrule warriors golden gauntlets map

Use the map above, as a point of reference of what to do and what order to capture the keep. I’ve marked the keeps with a number, which represents the order that you should capture them.

In order to obtain an A rank you must follow the criteria below:

  • Finish the mission in a timely manner. Though not proven, you should aim for under 15 minutes.
  • Defeat over 1000 enemies
  • Take minimum damage. Though not proven, I restricted myself to at least 4 hearts lost.


  • At keep number 4, you should make an effort to capture quickly. Inside the keep you will sustain heat damage, taking the keep efficiently is vital to maintain an A rank in the damage category.
  • The keep below keep number 4 presides Volga. In this keep, you will sustain heat damage while battling the dragon knight. It is not recommended that you attempt to defeat Volga, you will sustain too much damage and will waste time in an effort that is not vital to win the mission.
  • At point 6, you will need to save your ally against the Big Poes. Saving them will open the keep where the commander presides.
  • The commander is Wizzro, whom is mightily easy to beat if you have the Master Sword equipped.
  • hyrule warriors golden gauntlets (1)

Following my strategy will ensure that you will obtain an A ranking and subsequently unlock the Golden Gauntlet’s. Congratulations! Woohooo! I hope you find this guide helpful and please do enjoy Hyrule Warriors.

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  1. i have defeated over 1000 enemies but i still got a B rank for KO`s

  2. I was able to get A rank with 1900 KOs. I don’t know the exact number of KOs needed to get A rank, but it’s somewhere between 1000 and 1900. I hope this helped!

  3. The exact number for a rank KOs is between 1200-1500 (1200 being the minimum)

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