Gengar Announced For Pokken Tournament

Nico Nico hosted a live stream dedicated for the highly anticipated arcade game, Pokken Tournament. Coming out of the stream was the announcement of a brand new fighter for the title. Joining an already prestigious roster is Gengar, the original and best Ghost-type Pokemon of all time.

Gengar dissipates and reappears in the battlefield; using his Shadow attacks, ferocious swipes and the wicked tongue to defeat its opponent.

Sure to please long term Pokemon fans, Gengar can mega-evolve into Mega Gengar in Pokken Tournament. Mega Gengar is the third Mega Evolved Pokemon to be confirmed for the Pokken Tournament behind Mega Lucario and Mega Gardevoir.

A second Pokken Tournament live stream is scheduled for tomorrow; hopefully a few more announcements are made regarding the title.

Pokken Tournament is scheduled to hit Japanese arcades by years end. No announcement has been made whether the game will be released for the Nintendo Wii U.

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