First Project Treasure Footage

Nintendo has shown off the first gameplay footage of Project Treasure. Directed by the mastermind behind the Tekken franchise – Katsuhiro Harada – Project Treasure is a supposed free-to-play for the Nintendo Wii U.

From what I can gather from the footage – Project Treasure is an asymmetric multiplayer experience similar to Left 4 Dead. Four players team up online, selecting characters with different abilities and weapons, to explore dungeons riddled with Zombies, traps and whatever lurks in dangerous players.

The primary objective is to work cooperatively to find the treasure hidden within the dungeons while fending off the zombies.

The title does not have a release date, but Nintendo has a promised to share more information on Project Treasure during the summer (most likely during E3).

For all the latest news on Project Treasure, stay tuned at Nintendo News Fix.

What are your thoughts on the footage shown so far? Do you like what you see? What are your impressions? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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