First look At Mewtwo Amiibo For Super Smash Bros

San Diego Comic Con is almost upon us with the doors opening up to the public in a matter of hours. A number of press members had the privilege to preview the show floor before the deluge of geeks and gamer’s stampeding into the conference. Alan Lopez, a freelance writer for a number of big publications, has managed to capture a number of photo’s from Nintendo’s showcase.

Discovered among the number of Nintendo related stuff at San Diego Comic Con was the prototype model of the Mewtwo Amiibo for Super Smash Bros. collection. These are PROTOTYPES, so they are of higher quality and detail than the final print. But fans should something similar when the actual SKU Mewtwo Amiibo eventually releases.

You can view the print photo’s from Alan Lopez below.

Mewtwo Amiibo was confirmed to be in development earlier this year by Nintendo. At the time of writing, Mewtwo does not have a solid release date or relase window. But I suspect it will be ready for distribution by the holiday season or early 2015.

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