Fiery Blaziken Pokken Tournament Trailer

To celebrate the release of the Pokemon fighting game – Pokken Tournament – in Japan, Namco Bandai has released a brand new trailer. The trailer reveals the inclusion of a new fighter into the playable roster. The new fighter is none other than the fiery fighting/fire type, Blaziken.

You may have remember that Blaziken was one of the first fighters teased alongside Lucario when Pokken Tournament was teased back in 2013. Blaziken had not been confirmed until now.

Blaziken has not be included in the starting roster and will be introduced to the arcade machines in August.

Unfortunately, Namco Bandai, the Pokemon Company and Nintendo have remained mum about a western release or a Wii U port. Normally with Fighters, they are released in arcades which the developer uses to receive feedback to balance the game. Then when satisfied, the game will be ported to consoles. I suspect this will be the case here.

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