EA On Future Opportunities With Nintendo

In recent years, Nintendo and EA have had a strained relationship.  The unprecedented partnership that was tumultuously announced on E3 2011 resulted in nothing with EA dropping support for both the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Unfortunately today the relationships remains frosty between the two gaming giants.

However with the release of Nintendo NX looming around the corner, circumstances between EA and Nintendo could change.

Speaking on 2016 earnings prospects, EA CEO Andrew Wilsons says that the company will evaluate “any and all” opportunities with Nintendo.

Andrew Wilson explains that EA is always looking to deliver amazing experience wherever gamer are playing and this includes the possibilities of software on Nintendo systems.


“As we look to the future, we see a world where more people are playing on more platforms in more geographies then ever before. We see the platform cycle now, not just as a traditional six-year console cycle, but as a six-month refresh rate on mobile devices, smart TV’s, Internet-enabled refrigerators, or whatever it might be,” Wilson explains..

And what we’re doing, in terms of resource allocation, is really investing at a core digital platform level, at an engine level, and at a game architecture level, to ensure that we are able to deliver amazing experiences: 6 inches to 60 inches, and beyond; two minutes to two hour session times, and beyond; across any and all relevant devices where gamers are playing.

And as it relates to Nintendo, we’ve had a tremendous relationship with them over the years. And we will evaluate any and all opportunities with them, in the same way we do all platform opportunities.”

It is heartening to hear that EA hasn’t completely ruled out the possibility of working with Nintendo again. Perhaps with NX, fans will enjoy offering from EA again.

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