Disney Infinity 3.0 Boss Battle Guide

Disney Infinity 3.0 features a number of boss battles across the variable playsets. Although the bosses are not particularly difficult or perplexing, they can pose a decent challenge especially for the younger audience. If you are looking for some guidance in defeating a particular a boss, then look no further as we have made a decent guide that explores a few tips and strategies.

Twilight of The Republic Playset

twilight of the republic

General Grievous

The First boss battle encountered during the Twilight of the Republic is General Grievous. General Grievous has a number of animation signals that indicates an incoming attack.

Firstly when General Grievous jumps into the ceiling, a large yellow cursor will follow your every movement. The trick here is to wait to wait until the cursor turns red and then begin to evade the attack before Grievous slams the floor.

Secondly, when Grievous begins to spin the two light sabor using his wrist, you’ll need to begin evading quickly as Grievous will launch himself towards you.

After each attack animation, Grievous will stop in exhaustion allowing you to land a number of hits. There will be opportunities to hit Grieous after you lock Light Sabor’s

In the Second phase, Grievous is much more aggressive. As a general rule of thumb, I’d recommend keeping your distance and wait for grievous to enter a state of exhaustion after using one of the two aforementioned moves.

Repeat this strategy until you defeat Grievous.

Darth Maul

Phase 1

The second boss encountered is Darth Maul. The sith lord can be challenge at times. Unfortunately, there isn’t a specific strategy to use against Darth Maul, but you can use a simple principle to make it a little easier. The best thing to do is to attack when Darth Maul isn’t aggressive, and when he does begin to attack just keep evading until he stops his string.

After depleting his green health meter, a number of Droid and bounty hunters will appear. Here you will need to defeat all of them to move on to the second phase.

From here you will need to move forward until you encounter Darth Maul again.

Phase 2.

The second phase is more or less the same as the first. The only difference being a more aggressive Darth Maul. Repeat the same strategy in Phase 1.

Phase 3.

The last phase is without the most difficult. Darth Maul is far more aggressive and he will attack more frequently. If you are not careful, Darth Maul could potential deplete your entire health bar. Again it is unwise to rush in while he is attacking or preparing to attack. I know a lot of people fall into the habit of button mashing mindless. I assure this will set yourself for failure. Attack after he has finished a combo and then run away when he begins to be offensive. Repeat the process until you defeat Darth Maul.

Rise Against The Empire

rise agains the empire

Darth Vader

The final boss battle in the Rise Against The Empire playset is naturally Darth Vader. There isn’t a particular strategy that can be used for Darth Vader. Essentially all you need to do is land hits until Vaders health meter depletes.

disney 3.o darth vader 1

There are a number of powerful moves that you must be careful of. Firstly Darth Vader will extend one arm and a red aura will begin to surround the area. Quickly move out of the area by jumping to the side.

disney 3.o darth vader 2

When you see Darth Vader begin his animation to stab the ground, quickly move away from him as the hit creates a small shock. He also create a larger shock wave when a large ring begins to charge around him.

disney 3.o darth vader 3

Pass the midpoint, Darth Vader will become more aggression and debris will begin to fall from the ceiling. Additionally, Vader has a force move that lifts you from the ground. The strategy remains the same but with one exception. Red power cells will occasionally fall to the ground. You can pick these cells and hurl them towards Vader doing significant damage and causing a stun effect. Repeat the process until Vader is defeated.

Inside Out

Coming Soon…

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