Destiny: The Taken King – How To Get The Exotic Swords

How To Get An Exotic Sword In Destiny: The Taken King

The exotics swords in Destiny: The Taken King are an inconspicuous weapon to obtain. They are powerful and you only can receive one in the game (so far). If you are looking for a guide on how to get a Exotic Sword in Destiny: The Taken Sword, then you have found the right place. Welcome to our step-by-ttep on how to get a exotic sword in Destiny: The Taken King.

Step 1: Get a Legendary Sword

The first step to get an exotic sword in Destiny: The Taken King is to get one of three legendary sword. To learn how to get a legendary sword in Destiny: The Taken king, please read our legendary sword guide by clicking here. Select one of three swords.

  • Arc Edge
  • Sol Edge
  • Void Edge

Step 2: Infuse the legendary sword

The next step is to infuse your respective legendary sword with another powerful weapon to get its attack above 280. Once done, there is an incomplete node that needs to be completed. Complete this node to move to the next step.

Step 3: Begin a Sword Reforged quest

Once you have your sword prepared, go to Lord Shaxx to begin the Sword Reforged quest.

Step 4: Begin the Honing the Edge quest

In this quest you are required to use the respective sword against Majors/Ultras  and Guardians. You will need to kill 50 Majors/Ultras and 25 Guardians in total.

Step 5: Begin the Blade of Night quest

Here you are required to defeat Ecthar – The Sword of Oryx – who is located in the Asylum on the Dreadnought. Your sword will be the most effective against Ecthar.

Step 6:  Essential Elements Quest

This is where it may get grindy. You will need to collect rare resources and perform ability kills for your respective blade. The resource and ability skill differ for each blade, so please double check for what material is needed.

Step 7: Armsday Alloy Quest

Return to Lord Shaxx to begin the Armsday Alloy quest. You will need to wait for Armsday for the delivery of material.

Step 8 – Sealing The Blade Quest

In this quest you will need to kill a respective knight and then Alak-hul within 30 seconds of each other. There will be a sword knight, void knight and a solar knight so you will have to concentrate in dealing with the respective sword. The trick here is to chip the health of the knight and Alak-hul until there is little left in both foes. Once you are confident that you can take both enemies out within 30 seconds of each other, then begin your assault on the respective knight and then Alak-hul. It is important that you kill the knight FIRST then Alak-hul. Once you have correctly completed the quest return to Lord Shaxx to get your respective Exotic sword.

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