Dengeki Reviews Xenoblade Chronicles X; Says It Is Limitless Fun

Japanese publication Dengeki just recently competed Xenoblade Chronicles X and was kind enough to share their review one week before the games release on April 29.

Several Neogafians has translated snippet from the Japanese text into English for fans to read and best of all the reviewers verdict should get the community excited.

The reviewer mentions that the boss battles are particularly hard, but the game has an option to lower the difficult with no penalties.

“If you don’t plan out your strategy and manage your arts and equipment, the bosses are quite difficult, even for people who are experienced with RPGs.

But don’t worry, it’s still a Nintendo game. They allow you to lower the difficulty on a boss if you lose to it several times. There’s no penalties for lowering the difficulty, so people who don’t play RPGs often can still enjoy the story.”

More importantly, for the most part, Xenoblade Chronicles X runs beautifully and seamlessly, with only a sections that run at a choppy pace. The reviewer also noted that some textures and character assets would take several seconds to load completely.

Overall the reviewer had many praises for Xenoblade Chronicles X and called the experience “Limitless Fun.”

You could read the full translated transcript here.

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