CoroCoro Teases Mysterious New Pokemon For XY Movie

The newest issue of the Japanese publication Coro Coro is out with the latest news on the world of Pokemon. This issue shares a number of new details on the upcoming animation movie, Pokemon XY: The Movie. While most of the details are not pertinent to Nintendo gamer’s, but there’s something noteworthy in the latest issue.

Coro Coro magazine is teasing a mysterious new Pokemon that will appear during Pokemon XY: The Movie. The Pokemon is a large bipedal being, with wings and large claws. The Pokemon is said to be green which may connect it to Zygarde, which hasn’t been explored in any meaningful way in Pokemon XY or Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire.

pokemon xy movie feature image

If I may indulge myself in speculation, the Pokemon could be a fusion between Zygarde and Yveltal or Xerneas, similar to Kyurem multiple forms in Pokemon Black & White 2. Perhaps it could be related to the known Pokemon, Volcanion. Or it could be a completely new Pokemon that we haven’t seen before and was excluded from Pokemon XY’s code. At this point, anything is possible and I for one cannot wait until this mysterious Pocket monster is revealed.

What’s more exciting is that this mysterious new Pokemon could appear in the next entry. Pokemon Z or whatever Game Freaks decides to call the title, could potentially introduce new Pokemon beyond this mysterious Pokemon and Volcanion. Given that Pokemon XY: The Movie is releasing next year, it is logical to assume that a new mainline title is also on the works for the Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo NX.

What are your thoughts on this new mysterious new Pokemon? What do you think it is? Let me know in the comment section.

Pokemon XY: The Movie will be screening Japan next year. It’s western release is still tentative.

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Source: Serebii


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