Complete Guide To Unlocking Zant In Hyrule Warriors

How to unlock Zant in Hyrule Warriors

If you are looking for a guide on how to unlock Zant in Hyrule Warriors, then you have arrived at the right place. This is the most complete and detailed guide, that will ensure that you will be able to play as Zant, the usurper king, in Hyrule Warriors.

hyrule warriors how to unlock zant

Zant is likely one of the last characters that you will unlock in Hyrule Warriors, as it requires a bit of grinding in Adventure Mode to reach him. With that said, the effort is well worth it, as Zant is one of the more entertaining characters to play as. Zant is located at the top left quadrant of the Adventure mode map. I found taking the east route, as shown by the red path in the image above, the fastest and easiest way to access the grid location (from my recollection).

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Once you have reached your destination, please ensure that you have saved at least one Digging Mitts. This shouldn’t be too hard, as the Digging Mitts are prevalent in the west area. At the grid location, press to search the location. Use the Digging Mitts on the green patch, market by the red circle in the image above. Doing so will activate the condition to unlock Zant in the grid challenge.

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The challenge itself is moderately difficult. At the beginning, it is important to secure your position at the east of the map. Essentially, you want to eliminate the advance enemy forces, holding your keeps and securing the outposts of the east. Doing so will give you free reign to systematically advance to the enemy forces located at the west. Zant will appear in the battle; be sure to stop his advance before he is able to wreak havoc. At the southwest keep, Midna presides as the commander of the enemy forces. Defeating Midna is not the victory condition, as a King Dodongo will suddenly appear at the your keeps at the east, as soon as the imp is defeated. Quickly slay Dodongo before he is able to overwhelm your forces.

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Defeating Dodongo will grant you victory in the battlefield and will subsequently unlock Zant. Congratulations. You’ll find Zant is a little more entertaining to play as compared to the other fighters. His unusual sadistic behaviors and combat style is a breathe of fresh air in Hyrule Warriors. Anyway, I hope you found this helpful and please enjoy Hyrule Warriors.

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