Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Boss Guide

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is a surprisingly fun package. One of my favorite aspects of the game is the the insanely fun boss battles pitted against our beloved Captain Toad. While indeed fun, the bosses can pose a bit of challenges. So to help you out, I have written a helpful strategy guide on how to beat all the bosses in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.

So without further ado, please check out my guide.

The King of Pyropfuff

The First boss in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is fairly easy to beat. Essentially your main goal is to reach the top without being hit by the incoming fireballs and without the up flowing magma reaching you. My best advice is to take cover behind the numerous rock and walls provided to you. When the fireball has passed, now is the opportunity to work your way up to the top. There’s no need for retaliation, just meticulously make your way through the obstacle

The first gem can be found in the starting area in front of third cover wall. The second gem can be found on the second floor. Use the moving wall to reach the gem. And finally the last gem can be found underneath the turnips on the fourth floor.

Wingo’s Watchtower

Again your essential goal is to reach the top. This time Wingo will pose a bit much more challenge. Wingo will regularly teleport around the stage, flapping its wind to create a gust of wind to push you off. To counter this you can easily run against the wind or use the walls to prevent Toad from being blown off.

As soon as the battle start move up and climb the ladder. Make your way to the right and pull up the switch. Climb the ladder to collect the coins and then jump down. You’ll notice some Turnips on the floor. Pick them up and wait for Wingo to teleport to appear near you before your them at him.

Keep moving right. the next switch you encounter should reveal the first gem. The next switch gives you access to the second level. You’ll notice that a two crates are blocking your path. Wait until Wingo to blow the crates, gaining you access. Keep moving forward¬†and you will find the 2nd gem. On the same floor you should find a switch, pull it to move up another floor. On this floor, you will need to wait until Wingo blows the block with the ladder. Once you gain access climb on the block and wait for Wingo to blow it back to the original position so you can access the 3rd and final gem. Once you get the Gem continue on your path until you find the clear pipe. Go up for the final phase.

At the final phase, you can final retaliate against Wingo. Wingo will ocassionally drop large turnips attempting to squash you. Dodge them as they fall. One will be left behind, which you can pick up. With the large turnip you will need to correctly time a throw to hit Wingo. Wingo will attempt to blow you off the stage, but you can counter by running against the wind or use the wall to stop Toad from falling. You will need to hit Wingo a total of three times before he is defeated.

Draggadons Revenge

The first boss will attempt to take revenge against our poor Mushroom. The battle is essentially the same with the primary goal being to reach the top of the stage. As soon as the battle starts, to the left of the stairs of the initial area, there is a hidden path. Follow the path to find the first gem. Once collected keep moving to the right. You will find a spinwheel, use it to move the wall to cover yourself against the fireballs.

The next spinwheel requires you to move the platform to create a bridge of sorts. As you move to the right there is an elevator that you must blow on the gamepad to make it move up. But beneath the plateau that there is a turnup, pull it out to reveal the 2nd gem. Keep moving as you dodge the fireballs and using the spinwheels to create a shield. The next blow platform do not stand on top blow it on and jump down to find the last gem. After the collecting the last gem, the rest of the stage is quite easy. Reach the top to defeat Draggadon.

Secret of the Golden Realm

This one of the most difficult battles in the game. I’am almost certain that most people will not defeat the boss in their first attempt. Success is entirely dependent on how well you memorize the level and the patterns. So expect a lot of trial and error before you will arise as a victor. As for how to succesfully overcome the challenge, it is far too difficult to explain it in words, so the most appropriate thing to do is to reference a video. Watch the video from 11:25 to view how to beat the boss.

Mummy-Me At Pyropuff Peak

This is essentially the first boss, but with a ghost following you. A mummified version of yourself will follow every step you make, so essentially you will need to keep moving while being mindful of the incoming fireballs and avoiding being touched by the mummy. It shouldn’t be too difficult if you are careful.

Wingo’s Whackdown

This will be the final time you will face Wingo in the game. In principle it is a similar fight, but considering that this is the last boss, Wingo will offer a much challenging fight. Like the first battle, in the first part of the battle you will need to make your way to the top, while avoiding being blown of the stage.

The real battle begins at the top of the tower. This time you will not have the safety net of the walls to stop you falling from the tower. Furthermore, Wingo will shoot bolts of lightning to the pile of gold. Charging the metal and severely restricting where you can move.

The strategy remains the same to the first fight, you will need to hit Wingo with the large turnips. This time it is made more difficult with lightning bolts impeding your path. Thankfully, you will only have to Wingo for a total of 3 times to defeat him.

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