Brand New Xenoblade Chronicles X Trailer, Focus On Intense Storytelling

Nintendo has shared a brand new trailer for the upcoming blockbuster JRPG, Xenoblade Chronicles X. The new trailer focus on the intense story telling and melodrama that the genre is known for.

Xenoblade Chronicles X follows the struggles of surviving earth members known as BLADE (Beyond the logos artificial destiny emancipator) in a war against the antagonizing force known as Growth. Living in the terrestrial planet known as Mira, players are tasked to explore and collect resources for their new home and all the while fighting off the opposing force.

The game is set to hit stores shelves in Japan on April 28. A special Edition Wii U bundle that includes a copy of Xenoblade Chronicles X and a 32GB Wii U console is also available. As for the west, Nintendo has reassured that Xenoblade Chronicles X will be localized before the years end.

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