Brand New Splatoon Trailer; Including Campaign Details

During today’s Nintendo Direct, Nintendo shared more information regarding their highly anticipated new IP, Splatoon. We’ve known for while now, that its core, Splatoon is a tactical TPS multiplayer game. However, Nintendo revealed today that Splatoon will indeed feature a single-player campaign.

Fitting perfectly with the visual style of the Squid squad, the campaign features a struggle between the Squids and Octopus’s.¬†Two creatures that has the natural capacity to create ink is a befitting setting of a war.

Of course, the campaign draws the core mechanics of the ink gameplay from the multiplayer experience into a campaign that has a hint of 3D Mario Platforming.

Nintendo has reaffirmed that Splatoon is still scheduled for a Q2 2015, so fan’s can at least expect the title to hit store before the arrival of June.

You can view several gorgeous screenshots of Splatoon’s below and watch the trailer from the Nintendo Direct above.

For the latest developments on Splatoon stay tuned at Nintendo News Fix.

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