Big Splatoon Update Coming August 5/6

As promised, Nintendo will be rolling out a massive content update for Splatoon during August. The big update will be available for download on August 5 in North America and on August 6 in Europe, and will include a number of new features, weapons and gear.

Firstly, the update will include Squad Battle and Private battle matchmaking options. The Squad Battle will allow two to four players to team up in Rank battles without being separated. The Private battle matchmaking options allows players to create their own custom lobby.

“In Private Battle, friends can splat it up in private, customizable matches. Two to eight friends can battle together by selecting their favorite map, mode and weapons. The number of participants ranges from 1v1 to 4v4, but teams don’t have to be even: If the host chooses, he or she can select a 1v4, 1v2, or any other combination of players.”


In terms of weapons, the bucket-class Slosher and gatling-gun Splatling will be introduced in Sheldon’s weapon shop selection. In addition to this, 40 pieces of new gear will be introduved.

Players will be happy to hear, that the level cap will be increased from level 20 to level 50. As for rankings, the maximum cap is S+.

Nintendo has confirmed that the free content updates will continue as per normal.

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