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Unsurprisingly, Splatoon has a robust catalog of weapons to use in online matches. But picking the best weapon can be a daunting task with such an extensive library at your disposal. What makes things a little tricky is that the game is – in my opinion – expertly balanced with no particularly individual weapon set vastly better than the rest.

However, if you are looking for a little guidance on picking the best Splatoon weapon set then perhaps I could be of service. In this article, I will take you through what are in my opinion – the best weapons in Splatoon.

Now this is purely based on my experience and what I recommend using in online matches. I did consider multiple playstyles, so hopefully this article is relevant and helpful to you.

Best Weapons for Turf War

Splattershot Jr.

Splattershot Jr set is one of the most efficient weapons in Turf War. I personally believe it is the best weapon to get acquainted with Splatoon’s multiplayer and thankfully it is available from the start. The high rate of fire of the Splattershot Jr. makes it efficient in covering surface and an effective weapon at close range. The Bubbler allows you and your teammates to rush into enemy territory during the last second of the match.  The Splattershot Jr. is suitable for both aggressive and timid players.

Aerospray MG/Aerospray RG

The Aerospace weapons are interchangeable depending on the stage and what sub/special combinations you would like to use. I personally prefer the Splattershot Jr over the Aerosprays, but that’s just individual preference.  The Aerosprays have excellent fire rate perfect for spreading ink and dealing with close range enemies.  To somewhat nullify the poor range of the Aerospace MG, you can use the Seeker to pick off distant enemies. With the RG, you can lure and trap with the Ink Mine.

Tentatek Splattershot

If you are looking for an all-round weapon that is good for both covering turf and going for kills then don’t look any further than the Tentatek Splattershot. The Tentatek is far better than the normal Splattershot. It definitely has the better Sub and Special weapon combination. The rounded stats of the Tentatek Splattershot means that you will be well equipped for all situations that may come across in the battlefield. The Inkzooka is a fantastic offensive weapon, which can quickly nab a few splats.

Krak-On Splat Roller

Krak-On Splat Roller is by far the most used and effective Roller in the game so far. What set this roller apart is its Special weapon, the Kraken.  The Kraken is one the most powerful Specials in the game, granting you invincibility, destructive power and impressive trail of ink. Sometimes I do find it difficult to charge the Special, so it is advisable to have gear that increase the special charge rate.

.52 Gal/ .52 Gal Deco

The Gal series is my favorite weapon for Splatoon. It is by far the most successful weapon in turf averaging 8-9  splats a match and getting around 1000 points (if my team wins). The Gals are quite good in spreading ink, far more effective than the Squelchers and the Splattershot Pro, plus it has impressive damage output and decent range. The normal Gal and the Deco sets are interchangeable depending on the stages available at the time. For Saltspray Rig, Port Mackeral and Urchin Underpass, I find more utility with the Inkwall and Killer Wail. The Seeker and Inkstrike from the Deco set are more suitable for Arowana Mall, Walleye Warehouse and Blackbelly Skatepark. An effective strategy of mine is to create a shield with the Inkwall in narrow passage ways (like in Port Mackeral and Saltspray), then using the range and power of the .52 to pick off inklings that are using the prevalent Aerosprays, Rollers and Splattershots.

Best Weapons For Splat Zones

I found to be successful in Splat Zones, your team needs to be effective in stopping the advances of the opposing team. Effective team work that can delegate between defense and offense is necessary. Splats (or kills) are more important in Splat Zones as they significant hold back the enemies advances to the zones. In Splat Zones, I highly recommend weaponry that are efficient in Splatting enemies as oppose to weaponry efficient in spreading Ink.

Splattershot Pro

The Splattershot Pro is a weapon I highly recommend for Splat Zones. It has good range and damage output perfect for picking off opposing inklings. While its ink efficiency leaves more to be desired, you shouldn’t find trouble splatting people. The Inkstrike is highly effective in clearing out enemy inkling hiding in the target zone. Overall, the Splattershot Pro should serve you well in Splat Zones.

.52 Gal/ .52 Gal Deco

I can’t speak more highly of the .52 Gal weapons. They are just as effective in Splat Zones as they are in Turf War. Much like the Splattershot Pro, the Gal have good damage and range, making them very good in snatching splats. The sub weapons and special are excellent in controlling an area. I put my hand over my heart to truthfully tell you that the Gals are one of the best weapons in game. You must try them out and tell my how it goes.

.96 Gal

While not as good as the .52, the .96 Gal is a very good choice for Splat Zones. The low rate of fire is offset by the impressive range and damage output. But it must be said that this set does consume ink fast. What I like about the .96 Gal is that it allows you to be offensive and defensive at the same time. For example in Port Mackeral, you can leave the Sprinkler sub at one of the Zone to capture while you push ahead to the second zone.

Blaster/ Custom Blaster

The Blaster isn’t particularly useful for Turf War, but it is highly effective in Splat Zones. The Blaster is the right weapon for those who like to be in the faces of the enemy. One direct shot from the Blaster will splat the inkling making it one deadly weapon against squids. I particularly like the custom Blaster as it has the Bubbler, which allows you to be an excellent defender when the opposing team rushes the zone.

Jet Squelcher/Dual Squelcher

As you may already tell that I am not a big fan of the Charger weapon. By no means does this meant that they are bad, but I’m just not finding them particularly effective in the current modes available. For those that like to stay on the high ground and pick off enemies from a far, I would recommend using the Squelcher series of weapons. While they do have poor rate of fire and damage output, this is remedied by the superior range. This weapon is more suitable for those who like the defensive play-styles.

At the moment there are only two modes available in Splatoon. So I can only give my opinion on what are the best Splatoon weapons in Turf War and Splat Zones. When new modes are available, I will gladly update the article with my thoughts.

So what are your opinions? What weapons do you think are the best in Splatoon? In other words, what are your favorite weapons? Let me know by leaving a comment below!



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  1. Haven’t tried the 52 much. I’m in love with the 96. Kept getting rocked by a guy using it in the splat zones so I decided to try it. I love the subs and special is clutch. The locator can really turn the tide in battle.

  2. I’ve been using the rg in both ranked and standard battles with good success. The only downfall is the mines, wish it had a sprinkler or sticky.

  3. I cant decide over 52 or the tentatek splattershot

  4. Please do a list including the best weapons for the new mode released yesterday, Tower Control! ^-^

  5. Why not the splash o-matic? that has sticky bombs and bomb rush and has good fire rate!

  6. Micheal, I disagree with your opinion on the .96 gal. I feel like the .96 gal is superior to the .52 gal/ .52 gal deco. The .96 gal has superior range and damage; it also has much more tactical potential with the Sprinkler and Echolocator. The slow fire rate can be compentated by an technical, accurate player and the ink consumpation can be compensated with the ability, Ink Saver(Main). The .96 gal is superior to the .52 gal/ .52 gal deco; but the .96 gal is more technical much more difficult to use. The .96 gal can have both overpowering offense and defense when used in the right hands.

    • I really appreciate your input. I definitely believe the .96 is a fantastic weapon, actually one of the best in the game. Between the two weapon models, it might come down to personal preference. You can’t go wrong with either. Thanks for commenting btw

  7. ^Typo. I forgot to add ‘and’ between “more technical and more difficult to use.”

  8. You’re right, everyone has their own type of playstyle. I shouldn’t judge the .52 gal/ .52 gal deco like that.

  9. The hevy splating Deco is also good

  10. The Hevy splating Deco is bad in splat zone

  11. But good in turf war

  12. The splattershot jr.,52 gal deco and (if i’m in the mood)a roller are my favourite wepons.Can you give me some advice about the splattlings and if their good.

  13. I use the RG and Krak-on roller in turf war

  14. what about the slosher

  15. I’m in love with the wasabi splattershot

  16. I use the krack on roller the most

  17. I like the rg

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