Best Super Mario Maker Levels/Courses

Super Mario Maker is out in the wild and players have already made some insane levels in such little time. I know from experience that finding an exceptional level can be difficult especially among the clutter of average and abysmal levels. to help my fellow maker, I’ve decided to put together a collection of some of the best Super Mario Maker levels in one convenient place.

I understand that very good levels will emerge every so often, so I will try my best to update the article periodically with the new inclusions. It would be of great help to me if you recommend a level that you enjoy and/or find it particularly impressive. If it is a Youtube video just post a link. If you have the level code as well that would be fantastic.

Also if you like others to test out your levels to earn stars, then feel free to post the name of the level and the level code. I’ll be glad to give them a go and I won’t hesitate to give out stars. (Sorry, I don’t have YouTube videos of all the stages)

Hard/Creative/Well Designed Level

Pit of Panga- Level ID: 6059-0000-005E-4FB5

Currently considered as one of the hardest stages in circulation. Masochists will find great joy in playing this stage.

Big Boo’s Haunt – Level ID: 2068-0000-0043- F499

Brought to you by Andre GX (I believe is Andre from GameXplain). Big Boo’s is a well designed level that’s not particularly hard, but more of a cerebral experience focusing on puzzling solving. Players who can problem solve will be successful in this level.

Doc Makes A House Call: 3289-0000-0022-E5E0

A well designed level that offers a good balance of difficult. Doc Mario tasked to explore the deep underbelly of Bowser. I highly recommend this stage.

DON’T TOUCH THE SHROOMS – Level ID: 6467-0000-000F-65F4

Another cerebral experience created by Nintendo user Molly. This level is masterfully created and requires to think laterally. Listen to the title of the stage and you will be successfully in beating this level.

A Japanese made Level #1 – ID:  03A7-0000-0011-7948

A stage for player who consider themselves as expert in the platform genre. If accurate jumping is your game then give this level a go.

THE GREAT ESCAPE – Level ID: B2F-0000-00F-BC2E

Another well designed stages that has a number of tricky platforming sections. The level was created by CBStarCrazyKG. If you are looking for a stage that is similar to courses that feature in a mainline Super Mario Bros. game, then give the great escape a go.


A well designed stage that strikes a nice balance in its difficult. It’s challenging but  not overly difficult. The course has a number of challenging section mixed with some puzzle solving elements.

Sacrificial Yoshi – Level ID: : C411-0000-0019-E21D

A particularly challenging stage that cleverly incorporates the title theme. The stage is challenging but never frustrates. Give this course a course.

Themed Courses

DK’s Kong Country – Level ID: 0688–0000-000F-48D4

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It was only a matter time before someone made a Donkey kong themed course in Super Mario Maker. Created by The bit blocks very own Josh, DK’s Kong Country is a well constructed course offering plenty of challenge. Please go check it out.

Legend of Zelda 1-1 – Level ID: 4431-0000-001D-58A4

A level that recreates the layout of the first dungeon in the first Legend of Zelda game. I know one of one other stage similar to this one, but I’ve decided to feature this particular stage as it has the Link Mystery Mushroom costume.

Super Contra Bros – Level ID: F1B5-0000-0049-9965

A clever interpretation of the first level of Contra. The course comes complete with dozens of jumping enemies and exploding bridges.

Raiders of the Lost Coin: 9B89-0000-003F-247B

A fun little stage for those looking for a good time. It has a couple of challenging sections,

Kid Icarus Stage 1-4 – Level ID: EF5F-0000-0038-4111

A stage inspired by the retro title Kid Icarus. Created and shared by Cubeview Advance, the course attempts to recreate 1-4 from the title.

WarioWare Inc – 2B43-0000-0038-3F06

A nifty stage that is inspired by the mini-game oriented title, WarioWare Inc. The course successfully attempts to the micro-game set-up of the WarioWare games. It’s not difficult, but fans of the WareWare games will appreciate the effort.

Music Courses

Smash Bros. 4 Theme – Level ID: 90EE-0000-002B-A2E7

Created by YouTube user – Smash Highlights – this stage neatly and precisely place the musical blocks to recreate the theme song for Super Smash Bros. 4. Go check it out by using the level ID above.

Mute City Theme Level – Level ID: 9F0A-0000-0031-1350

Shared by YouTube user – Jenni L – Mute City as the name suggests this course plays the Mute City theme from F-Zero.

Marie and Callies theme – 61A2-0000-0013-4D4D

An auto-level that plays Marie and Callies theme from Splatoon.


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