Best Mario Kart 8 Combinations

Guide To The Best Mario Kart 8 Vehicle and Character Combinations

Although it may not seem like it, but Mario Kart 8 is a deceptively deep game. Behind its easy-to-pick up gameplay, lies multiple layers of stats and additional mechanics, which when used correctly give the most cunning racer a proverbial 1-up over the competition.

Before the lights go green, selecting the right vehicle combination can give you a significant advantage over other racers. Don’t listen to what others might tell you, not all karts (bikes and buggies for that matter) are made equal. Each vehicle has their own strength and weaknesses; some perfect for online races while others are conducive to time trials. Finding the right balance for YOU is the key here.

If you are struggling to win races consistently online? Or do you need guidance in your search for the best Mario Kart 8 combination? Then perhaps I may be of service.

So here is Nintendo News Fix’s guide to the Best Mario Kart 8 combinations!

best mario kart 8 combinations

Selecting the right character

It is important to know that there are 7 weight class for characters in Mario Kart 8: Featherweight, Lightweight, Medium, Cruiser, Heavyweight, Metal, and Super Heavyweight. Each character weight class has a distinct stat in Speed, Acceleration, Weight, Handling and Grip.

The MkBoards forums have put up a helpful chart that rates each weight class on Speed, Acceleration, Weight, Handling and Grip. You can check out the chart below:

mario kart 8 character stats (1)


Typically you can select any weight class to use online. As long as you know the turns, shortcuts, have good item management and generally do not veer off the road, you can’t go wrong with any weight class as there is always an element of luck in online races. However, if you want to be hyper competitive and want every edge you can. It is advisable to use the heavyweigthts, metal weight and super heavyweights. The additional speed can help you close distance between racers and also extend a lead. Meanwhile, the additional weight means you cannot be pushed around so easily. In addition that you can push around other weight class easily.

There is one exception though! In 200cc, Featherweights and Lightweights are much more viable now thanks to their superior handling and acceleration. Until you get use to the speed of 200cc stick to the Featherweights and Lightweights in this mode.

I personally like using the Metals and Heavyweight like Pink Gold Peach and Donkey Kong. The poor acceleration of the Super Heavyweight are a turnoff. For my taste, it takes a bit too long for the Super Heavyweights to reach top speed, and with the game being particular balance it is difficult to shake off other racers from your rear.

Of course, you could strike for a more balanced combination. The cruiser and mediums are not bad at all, offering a viable middle ground from both spectrum.

Selecting the best vehicle combinations.

As a general rule of thumb that I follow is to always go for the combination that offers the most speed. The negatives in handling, weight and grip can be offset by practicing with the combination at each course. Being fast is what will you give a competitive chance when the race becomes an even playing field and can be the difference between a podium finish.

The best kart in Mario Kart 8

In my opinion, the best karts are the Sport Coupe, Mach 8, Super Glide and the Gold Kart. These Kart offer the best speed and are quite easy to use. However, if these Karts are not working for you then I’d suggest going for the Standard kart or the Pipeframe, which are the best alternates in the Kart class.

The best wheels in Mario Kart 8

Again following the same principles aforementioned, I’d suggest going for wheels that offer the best speed. These would include the Slick, Cyber Slick and the Slim wheels. It doesn’t matter what wheels you select out of these three as they are quite literally identical. Going by aesthetic reasons

The best Bikes in Mario Kart 8

Bikes are not nearly as popular in Mario Kart 8 then they were in Mario Kart Wii. In my opinion, Karts are slightly better as Bikes can be knocked around easily. That said, the difference between karts and bike are negligibly small making them viable for online races. In my opinion, the best bikes are the Comet and the Sports Bike.

The Best Gliders

I don’t have a valid opinion on gliders as they aren’t particular pertinent for races and the flying sections only make a small percentage of a course. I’d recommend using the Cloud Glider as it slightly increases the acceleration.

Example Combinations

Here are some example kart combinations that I would use

Combination 1: Gold Kart+ Cyber Slick + Cloud Glider

Combination 2: Sports Coupe + Slick + Cloud Glider

Combination 3: Super Glider + Slim + Cloud Glider

Combination 4: Standard Kart + Slim + Cloud Glider

Combination 5: Pipeframe + Slick + Cloud Glider

Combination 6: Comet + Slick+ Cloud Glider

Combination 7: Sport Bike + Cyber Slick + Cloud Glider

Combination 8: Master Cycle + Triforce Wheel + Cloud Glider

Combination 9: Blue Falcon + Triforce Wheel + Cloud Glider

Combination 10: B Dasher + Slick + Cloud Glider

Combination 11: P-wing + Cyber Slick + Cloud Glider





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