Best GameCube Controller Adapter Alternatives For Wii U

It is rather unfortunate that the Official GameCube controller adapter for the Nintendo Wii U is still in limited supply. Perhaps for those living in North America you may be fortunate to find an official Gamecube controller adopter be restocked at various retailers. As for my fellow Ninty fans living in other countries we are not so fortunate as the GameCube Controller adapter is quite literally out of print, never to be seen on store shelves again.

Thankfully there are other alternatives for prospective buyers looking to invest in a Gamecube adaptor without paying top dollars to scalpers. In this article, I will go through 3rd party alternatives that could be an option in your purchasing decision. Firstly before anything, I would highly recommend investing in a 4 port adaptor rather than the singular or 2 port options. In my opinion, you will find more use and value with the 4 ports than the singular or two ports.

mayflash gamecube adapter

1. Mayflash 4 Port GameCube Controller Adapter

The Mayflash GameCube Controller adapter is the most widely available alternative to the official product. Customers can purchase the adapter at Amazon and Ebay. Best of all it is comparably cheaper than the adaptor that Nintendo provides. It is simple to setup and has the necessary 4 ports for Super Smash Bros. For Wii U. Considering that the Mayflash adapter is the most widely available out of the alternatives and is more or less the same price as its competitors, this is the product I would recommend.

kelux gamecube adapter

2. Kelux 4 Port GameCube Controller Adapter

Kelux 4 Port GameCube Controller adapter is a viable alternative to both the Mayflash or Nintendo’s adapter. It has all the necessary features you want in a GameCube adapter like the 4 ports and easy setup. Looking at different online stores, the Kelux GameCube adapter is the cheapest (slightly and relative to the official adapter). The only set back is that the Kelux adapter is not widely available and may not purchasable where you live. Other than this, the Kelux is a viable option.

ttx gamecube controller

3. TTX 4 Port GameCube Controller Adapter

The TTX 4 Port GameCube Controller Adapter is a no nonsense alternative. It is simple to setup, all that is required is to plug the the adopter into your Wii U console and the installation is complete. No need to install drivers or other what-not’s. The adapter has 90cm (nearly 3 feat) of cord and four ports for your GameCube controllers. The 90cm cord can be a double edge sword despite giving you extra flexible to position the adopter but it can cause unwanted tangle. Going by my countries currency, the TTX 4 Port GameCube Controller Adaptor prices at $34.95, $15 dollars cheaper than the official adapter.

Hopefully, you have found this article helpful in your pursuit for a GameCube adapter. If anyone want to recommend an adapter that you use, please let me know and I’ll gladly add it to the article.

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