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From the moment the title was revealed, Bayonetta 2 was destined to be a divisive title. To the controversy surrounding its exclusivity to the Wii U or to the over-sexualization of the protagonist, the Sultry witch has never had a problem garnering attention to those voluptuous hips. Above all, Bayonetta 2 has to live up to the lofty heights of Hack’n’slash action games set by its predecessor. In among all the sublime titles plaguing the Wii U, is Bayonetta 2 a worthy addition to your library? Has Platinum Games fulfilled their ambition? Is Bayonetta 2 the new platinum standard title for action games?

Bayonetta 2 is certainly a much more mature affair than the original. Platinum Games and Bayonetta herself has done some growing between the break. The amnesiac and quite immature witch from the first game has transformed herself into a benevolent individual, a fierce friend who will literally go to hell and back to save her friend and an overly protective big sister. The characterization of Bayonetta is much more palatable this time around rarely does Platinum Game crosses the line of immature with their sexual innuendo’s and what not’s. Even the story is vastly improved, which focuses on a simplistic plot over the convoluted and nonsensical narrative featured in the first game.

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From a presentation perspective, Bayonetta 2 is an absolutely stunning game. I’d rank Bayonetta 2 among the Wii U’s best looking games. Bayonetta 2 looks sharp, crisp and features an impressive color palette, which is complimented by the technical fluidity of the game. The game runs and looks beautifully on the television screen. Although it may not stand strong alongside Xbox One and PS4 games. I particularly like how locales and architecture were inspired from real world places such as the Belgium Palace, Florence and Venice.

Bayonetta 2 truely shines when it comes to unadulterated action. Frankly, Bayonetta 2 puts all other hack’n’slash games that has come before it to shame. Once you have played Bayonetta 2, other games in the genre such as Devil May Cry, God of War and even the first Bayonetta just feel outdated. Bayonetta 2 features the same combat system of the first with a few improvements added into the mix. There are over a dozen of preset combo’s that combines kicks and punches, which players can learn and memorize. You can play the entire game by simply button mashing, but to get the most out of the combat I highly recommending investing yourself to learn the system. Combo masters will be adept in distinguishing what combo is necessarily for the moment and how to effectively maintain a long string of attacks. The highlight of the system is Witch Time. It’s a fantastic system that encourage a risk-reward playstyle. By dodging an enemies attack at the very last moment, time slows down to a trickle allowing a normal speed Bayonetta free reigns on the poor foe.

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The combat has so many layers that I have yet to touch upon such as the Umbran Climax and the weapon combinations. All these elements consequently results in an eloquent and stylish dance of kicks and punches that is hugely satisfaction and extremely addictive. Bayonetta 2 is far more rewarding from a gameplay point of view then the excellent God of War franchise and equals in style with the Devil May Cry series. If I may be so bold to say Bayonetta 2 is the best action game of all time.

Platinum Games has mastered the pace over its predecessor. Bayonetta 2 feels faster and more focus, devoid of all the nonsense fillers from the first game. It hits you with challenge after challenge, enemy after after, each more absurd than the one before it. It is an exhilarating roller-coaster of Platinum Games trademark insanity and over-the-top scenarios. Equally impressive are the boss battles. Boss enemies typically scale in the “enormous” and the size matches the fight. I found the boss battles the best part of the game. They are challenging and downright epic; battles to truly savor.

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Bayonetta 2 story will take around 7 to 10 hours during the first playthrough. Although the game may seem short in the content, but it is the type of game that can be replayed over and over again. Bayonetta 2 follows old school principles that rely on the “high score.” Rather in Bayonetta 2, most will attempt to beat their own scores in each chapter preferably obtaining a covet Pure Platinum medal in each verse. Obtaining a Pure Platinum medals requires perfection and as such requires multiple attempts of each chapter. If this isn’t your proverbial cup of tea, you can try to extend playtime in Tag Climax, which is Platinum Games attempt on multiplayer. In Tag Climax, you pair up with a random player online competing for high scores in varying challenge ranging from easy to downright hard.  Tag Climax is a decent distraction that is helpful in farming Halo’s (the in-game currency) and getting a few playing tips from expert players.

Platinum Games has provided plenty of fanfare for Nintendo fans. Like the Wii U version of first Bayonetta, the sultry witch can wear a number of Nintendo themed costumes. Available for purchase are a Star Fox, Samus Aran, Link Tunic and a cute Princess Peach. Best of all, these attire are not only for show, they pertain neat in-battle effects.

Closing Comments

When all said is done, gamer’s of all walks should be appreciative that Bayonetta 2 was completed. I’d rather have the game released as a exclusive and appreciated by a few; then not have Bayonetta 2 at all and appreciated by none. It’s a game that will be held as the Platinum standard  for all action games to come. And most importantly, it is just a damn real good game. If you have a Wii U then you owe it to yourself to play Bayonetta 2. If you don’t have a Wii U, get access to one and play Bayonetta 2.

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