Art Academy: Atelier Inspires In Europe On June 26

Nintendo of Europe have finally announced the released date for the long awaited title, Art Academy: Atelier. Announced way back at E3 2013, Art Academy: Atelier will be arriving in European store shelves on June 26.

“From 26th June, with Art Academy: Atelier the Wii U GamePad transforms into an artist’s canvas full of possibilities. The latest installment in the popular educational software series offers 30 comprehensive lessons under the tutelage of a friendly master named Vince who takes you by the hand and offers information on concepts, theory and techniques.”

Art Academy: Atelier will feature 30 comprehensive lessons that will turn even a stick figure artist into a Paul Cezanne. New to the series, players can create a virtual in-game gallery and create and upload a time video of their creation on YouTube.

Wii U owners who decide to purchase the game on the Nintendo eShop will be granted at a reduced price.

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