Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer – How To Make The Perfect Town

Much like the past Animal Crossing titles, the ultimate goal of Happy Home Designer is to make the perfect town. While the game may not have an official goal for players to aim for like in previous games and you cannot explore beyond the city square, but you can follow a number of criteria that will make your Town standout among the rest. In this guide, we will take you through a number of principles and steps to ensure that you have the most wonderful town.

Complete all Public Facilities

In order to have a perfectly functioning town it will need a complete set of public facilities for the villagers to use when they do eventually move in. Therefore your first priority, once Isabelle becomes available, is to set-up and design all the public facilities. If you want to learn how to unlock all the public facilities in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer please click the following link: “Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer – Public Works Guide.”

The following is a complete list of Public facilities available in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer:

  • School
  • Hospital
  • Shop #1
  • Cage
  • School Expansion
  • Shop #2
  • Restaurant
  • Department Store
  • Business Office
  • Hotel
  • Music Hall

The public facilities are the most visible buildings so it is essential that you focus on making the facilities the best as possible. Once you have completed “the choosing layout” handbook, you can expand the facilities beyond the default layouts, giving you more room to expand your creativity.

 Complete All 85 Grid Positions

After you have a completed a few homes, Lottie and the respective client will grant you the responsibility to select on which plot of land to erect their homes. In total there are a total of 85 available grids to use in the map. Therefore to reach the potential of your town it is important that you fill up the grid with as many houses and residents as possible.

Redesign and renovate previous homes

Early in the game, the customization options are fairly limited. Once the handbook lessons become available a whole selection of customization options become available for you to expand your creativity beyond customizing the interior. To learn how to unlock all the Handbook Lessons please click on the link here: Handbook Lessons Unlock Guide.

More importantly is to expand the size and add rooms to all the villagers homes. Once you have completed the “Choosing a Layout” lesson, you are able to expand homes with bigger sizes, add additional room and even have a basement and 2nd floor to the respective villagers home.

Click here for to learn how to “Customize Homes Size and Layout” guide.

To reach the potential of your town it is vital that you revisit homes and expand them with more features and design elements.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

Don’t neglect to design the exterior

Admittedly, I have fallen into the habit into of neglecting the outside area of the house. Having a pleasant and welcoming front yard is equally as important as having a well decorated home. So my advice to you is to expand an equally amount of time in designing the outside as well.

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