Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer – How To Customize Home Size & Layouts

Learn how to customize home Size and Layouts in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

At first glance, the customization in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer seems very limited. Apart from adding in furniture, decor, flooring and wallpaper, the options seem pretty limited. However this is not the case.  you can change the size, the layout of the home and add rooms in Happy Home Designer. In this guide, we will tell you on how to customize home size, layouts and add rooms.

The first check on the list is to purchase the “Choosing a layout” course from the Happy Home Handbook. The “choosing a layout” will become available after you have built the hospital.

To purchase the course handbook you will need to exchange 5 play coins. Play coins are a 3DS currency system and are earned by steps while in sleep mode. Complete the course and you will be able to customize a clients home size, room layout and add rooms.

How to change the layout of a home?

One you start a new project, a new option to change the layout of rooms and the size of a house will be available to you. Just select the size and layout that you want and way you go.

How to add rooms?

Simply select a room layout that has rooms.

How to change the layout of a completed home?

If you want to change the size and layout of a completed, all you need to do is to talk to the respective owner to redesign the home. From here you can change the clients home including its size and layout.

How to get a 2nd floor and/or a basement?

Firstly you will need to select the “big home” option.

To get a 2nd floor and/or a basement option for clients home, it is simple as selecting a room layout with the option of a 2nd floor or a basement. If the floor layout does have an additional it should clearly stipulate that it has “2nd floor included” or “basement floor included.” There are a few room layouts that do include both a 2nd floor and a basement.

Sometimes you may need to redesigns homes again and again gradually increasing the size of the home for more of the options to become available.

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  1. How come my handbook does not have Choose a Layout????? 🙁 it has everything BUT that one

  2. I can’t get any large rooms, just small rooms. I can’t get basements or upstairs either

  3. Same, upstairs and downstairs only shows up when im doing Pascal’s house (Amiibo Card).

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