Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer – How To Change Hairstyle & Face

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer: How To Change Hairstyle And Face

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer changes up the formula in terms on how to customize the appearance of your villager. In Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, you are able to change your villagers face at will and you are not required to visit the salon if you want a make-over.

In this quick article we will take you through on how to unlock the Styling Machines, and how to change your face and hairstyles of your respective villager.

Step 1: Unlock Handbook Lessons

The first step is to unlock the handbook lessons. Handbook lessons become available on day 9. Tom Nook will speak to you and will introduce the handbook lessons. You can can use one handbook lesson a day (in-game day). For the full list of handbook lessons and on how to unlock them, you can view our Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Handbook Lesson Guide.

Step 2: Complete the lesson Styling Machine Lesson

Scroll down the list of lessons and select the Styling Machine. You will need to exchange 5 play coins for the Styling Machine lesson. Play coins are a 3DS currency system that aren’t by steps while the system is on sleep mode (can be cheated by shaking the systems).

Steps 3: Changing your face and hairstyle

Once you have completed the Styling Machine Lesson, go to the top floor of Tom Nooks. There you will find a styling machine, which previous could not be used. When you interact with the machine, you will be given a number of options to change your face features and hairstyles.

Face and Hair Options

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