Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer – Handbook Lessons Unlock Guide

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer – Handbook Lessons Unlock Guide

A number of new features and designs are only available through the Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Handbook lessons. Features like customizing the home layout, windows and sounds are only available by purchasing the respective handbook with your play coins. In this article, we will take you through every Handbook Lesson and on how to unlock them.

How do you access the Handbook Lessons?

On the ninth in-game day of Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, Tom Nook will speak to you and introduce the handbook lessons. Each lesson can be bought with play coins. To begin a lesson, head to your table where you save the game. Go down and select the handbook option to begin a lesson.

What are play coins?

Play coins is a 3DS currency system mainly used for the streetpass games. They are earned naturally and gradually when you walk with the system on sleep mode. Alternatively, you can put your 3DS system on sleep and then shake the console to manually earn play coins.

Unlock Guide

A work in progress….

Hanbook Lessons Descrption Unlock No. of Coins
Ceiling Décor Able to place items on the ceiling Day 9 0
Happy Home Camera Unlocks Happy Home Camera Day 9 1
Custom Designs Feature for pattern Day 9 1
Art Collections Various artworks become available Day 9 1
World Fish Various fish become available Day 9 2
World Insects Various insects become available Day 9 2
Refurbishing Allows you to customize furniture Day 9 2
Ancient Fossils Fossils become available Day 9 2
Window & More Customize windows Day 9 2
Sound Scenery Add sounds to scenery Day 9 2
Choosing a layout Customize room layouts and sizze Build Hospital – Public  Works Project 5
Styling Machine Change face and hairstyle Day 9 5
Even More Designs Unlock Various Designs Finish Custom Designs Handbook Lesson 5

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