Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Amiibo Cards Guide

AC: Happy Home Designer All Amiibo Cards

Nintendo has treated their fans kindly with another entry in the famous and highly popular franchise, Animal Crossing. Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer is a spin-off title and as such does not focus on building and managing the perfect town as the Mayor. It does, however, provide it’s own twist to the Animal Crossing SIM genre with a strong focus on house planning and interior decorating.

This article is a comprehensive guide on the Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Amiibo cards. It will take you through everything. From it’s various in-game uses, on how to use them and a complete database

How does Amiibo Card work in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer?

Unlike other Amiibo compatible games, the Animal Crossing cards are integral to gaming experience.

The Amiibo cards are a highly effective way to inhabit your town with your favorite Animal villagers. From Isabelle to KK slider, just tap the Amiibo cards to your console and you can now help your animal friend set up a house, decorate the interior and host a wild party afterwards.

To use your Amiibo cards, follow the instructions below.

  1. At Tom Nooks Homes shop building, use Lyles Amiibo Telephone. Select the “I need to make a call.”
  2. At this point you can tap the respective Amiibo card onto the New 3DS or NFC reader.
  3. The game will ask you to connect with the respective villager. Click on yes.
  4. Here with Lottie, you can select the location of the new house.
  5. After the location has been set you can enter the house to decorate it.

Moreover, you can summon villagers to the houses to interact with the furniture and other tidbits. Enter a house and click on the card icon on the bottom screen. When the screen prompts you to tap the card, do so with the respective villager card. The Villager will appear on screen, allowing you to move the individual around the room with the touchscreen.

How many Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Amiibo are there?

For Japan, it is reported that 200 cards are able to be collected and traded. For North America, Europe and Australia/New Zealand, the initial wave will have 100 cards to be collected by fans. Nintendo has confirmed that more Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Amiibo cards beyond the 100 will be distributed for the west.

Are the Amiibo Cards Compatible with other titles?

Apart form AC:HHD, the cards are compatible with the Wii U title – Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival.

Animal crossing happy home designer all amiibo cards wave 1

Number Name Type Birthday
1 Isabelle Special Dec 20th
2 Toom Nook Special May 30th
3 DJ KK Special August 23rd
4 Sable Special November 22nd
5 Kapp’n Special July 12th
7 Joan Special January 8th
8 Timmy Special June 7th
9 Digby Special December 20th
10 Pascal Special July 19th
11 Harriet Special January 31st
12 Redd Special October 18th
13 Sahara Special November 10th
14 Luna Special February 29th
15 Tortimer Special December 31st
16 Lyle Special June 6th
17 Lottie Special September 12th
18 Bob Normal January 1st
19 Fauna Normal March 26th
20 Curt Normal July 1st
21 Portia Normal October 25th
22 Leonardo Normal May 15th
23 Cheri Normal March 17th
24 Kyle Normal December 6th
25 Al Normal October 18th
26 Renee Normal May 28th
27 Lopez Normal August 20th
28 Jambette Normal August 20th
29 Rasher Normal April 7th
30 Tiffany Normal January 9th
31 Sheldon Normal February 26th
32 Bluebear Normal June 24th
33 Bill Normal February 1st
34 Kiki Normal October 8th
35 Deli Normal May 24th
36 Alli Normal November 8th
37 Kabuki Normal November 29th
38 Patty Normal May 10th
39 Jitters Normal February 2nd
40 Gigi Normal August 11th
41 Quillson Normal December 22nd
42 Marcie Normal may 31st
43 Puck Normal May 31st
44 Shari Normal April 10th
45 Octavian Normal April 10th
46 Winnie Normal January 31st
47 Knox Normal November 23rd
48 Sterlng Normal December 11th
49 Bonbon Normal March 3rd
50 Punchy Normal April 11th
51 Opal Normal January 20th
52 Poppy Normal August 5th
53 Limberg Normal October 17th
54 Deena Normal June 27th
55 Snake Normal November 3rd
56 Bangle Normal August 27th
57 Phil Normal November 27th
58 Monique Normal September 30th
59 Nate Normal August 16th
60 Samson Normal July 5th
61 Tutut Normal September 15th
62 T-Bone Normal May 20th
63 Mint Normal May 2nd
64 Pudge Normal June 11th
65 Midge Normal March 12th
66 Gruff Normal August 29th
67 Flurry Normal January 30th
68 Clyde Normal May 1st
69 Bella Normal December 28th
70 Biff Normal March 29th
71 Yuka Normal July 20th
72 Lionel Normal July 29th
73 Flo Normal September 2nd
74 Cobb Normal October 7th
75 Amelia Normal November 19th
76 Jeremiah Normal July 8th
77 Cherry Normal May 11th
78 Roscoe Normal June 16th
79 Truffles Normal July 28th
80 Eugene Normal October 26th
81 Eunice Normal April 3rd
82 Goose Normal October 4th
83 Annalisa Normal February 6th
84 Benjamin Normal August 3rd
85 Pancetti Normal November 14th
86 Chief Normal December 19th
87 Bunnie Normal May 9th
88 Clay Normal October 19th
89 Diana Normal January 4th
90 Axel Normal March 23rd
91 Muffy Normal February 14th
92 Henry Normal September 21st
93 Bertha Normal April 25th
94 Cyrano Normal March 9th
95 Peanut Normal June 8th
96 Cole Normal August 10th
97 Willow Normal November 26th
98 Roald Normal January 5th
99 Molly Normal March 7th
100 Walker Normal June 10th

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