Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival European Release Date Revealed

The European release date for the Wii title – Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival has been announced. Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival will be hitting stores shelves across the European continent on November 20. The release date suggests that Animal Crossing has taken over as the key holiday title replacing Star Fox Zero which has been delayed until Q1 2016.

Alongside the announcement, Nintendo has revealed that the region will get a bundle. The bundle will complete with a copy of Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival, Isabelle + Digby Amiibo and 3 Amiibo cards. In addition to the bundle, an Amiibo triple pack will be available for purchase which includes Cyrus, K.K and Reese. Alternatively you can buy the Amiibo seperately SKU’s.

The following Amiibo’s release on November 20:

Isabelle, Digby, Tom Nook, Mabel, Lottie, Reese, Cyrus and K.K.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival is a board game based title that makes full use of AC Amiibo figurines and Amiibo Cards from Happy Home Designer.

At the time of writing there is no word on whether the same bundle will come to North America. However,  Nintendo should soon follow-up with the release date for Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival in North America. As always get all your Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival news at NNF.

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