Amiibo Mewtwo And Amiibo Lucas Are Coming

I’ve received a few messages asking whether Amiibo Metwo and Amiibo Lucas will be released for Super Smash Bros. For Wii U and 3DS.

I suppose the small bit of information regarding Amiibo Mewtwo and Amiibo Lucas  was lost among the excitement around the latest announcements from the Nintendo Direct.

Just to clear things up, Nintendo has confirmed that they plan to release Amiibo Mewtwo and Amiibo Lucas for the future during the April 1st Nintendo Direct. To all my fellow Amiibo collectors; Yes, you will have the opportunity to purchase Amiibo Mewtwo and Amiibo Lucas.

The currently release time frame for Amiibo Mewtwo and Amiibo Lucas is still tentative, but we can expect it to be released between June and December.

Considering that Metwo and Lucas will be getting the toy-to-life treatment, we can assume that future DLC characters will be made into Amiibo. Whether it be Ryu, Roy or Spongebob, expect an Amiibo figurine.

Thank you to all those who emailed me and appreciate your support for Nintendo News Fix. Hopefully, this serves as a public notice for those who are seeking an answer to the same question.

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