Amiibo Link Will Be Compatible With Hyrule Warriors

It is clear that Nintendo is banking heavily on Amiibo to turn the fortunes of the company around. We’ve known for a while now that Super Smash Bros. For Wii U will be the first Wii U title from Nintendo that will take advantage of the NFC technology of the Amiibo product range.

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Today, Nintendo announced that Amiibo Link will be compatible with the latest Wii U blockbuster, Hyrule Warriors. Unfortunately, Nintendo has remained mum about how the Amiibo Link will interact with Hyrule Warriors. With this said, we should expect more information regarding the Amiibo and Hyrule Warriors in the near future.

In my view, Amiibo Link will unlock additional costumes, weapons and challenges for Hyrule Warriors. What are your thoughts? What do you think Nintendo are planning for Hyrule Warriors.

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