5 Things I Would Like To See In Pokemon GO

5 Things I Would Like To See In Pokemon GO

Nintendo and The Pokemon Company rocked the world with the announcement of the first major Pokemon game for mobile devices in Pokemon Go. It is a radical departure from the mainline series with players able to find, battle and capture Pokemon in real world location with their mobile phones. Furthermore it will have some significant social features including PVP (player vs player) battles and legendary Pokemon games. In short, all indication suggest that Pokemon Go isn’t a half-arsed attempt in mobile gaming. Pokemon Go is the real deal.

What we know so far about Pokemon Go is fairly limited, that is to say we know next to nothing about the title, I thought now would be a good idea to share some ideas I want to see in the title before anything concrete is revealed.

So without further ado, here are 5 thing I would like to see in Pokemon GO.

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1. Mega Evolution’s

Mega Evolution have now become part and parcel of the Pokemon series. It’s hard to imagine any Pokemon titles moving forward excluding the popular game mechanic. Although not confirmed or even hinted,  I’m confident that Mega Evolution’s – in some shape or form – will be included in Pokemon Go. How Niantic, the Pokemon Company and Nintendo go about it will be interesting. Will they allow the unbalanced Pokemon be freely and readily avalable for users? Or will they limit their presence by restricting them to events? I personally want a combination. Have the weaker Mega Evolved Pokemon available to use and the vastly stronger Mega Evolutions limited to events.

2. Breeding

The best trainers will know that breeding is the only way to get a pedigree Pokemon with the best possible stats and moves. Considering that battles will be a prominent feature in Pokemon Go getting every possible advantage is pertinent to earning victory, I expect that breeding will be a prominent feature in Pokemon Go. If I am to go into battle, I want the very best Pokemon on the field. I suspect if breeding is included, hatching an egg will be  determined by real life steps just like how you earn play coins for the 3DS.

3. EV training

Ev Training has been made easier in the recent entries largely thanks to the inclusion of the Super Training mini games. Super Training is an easier method to earning Effort values for specific stats and completely rids of the pain staking grinding of the earlier games. The Super Training mini-games in Pokemon XY and ORAS can easily be translated into mobile devices and would be perfectly as a tiny distraction for gamer’s on the go.

4. Trainer Rating/Ranking System

This is something I’ve always wanted in the mainline Pokemon games. I would like rating system for players that show the players skill and experience in Pokemon battles. Essentially what I want is a ranking system that increases and decreases with victory and defeat respectively. I want people revere my skills as a training by looking at my rating and rank. When encountering another trainer, I want to know as much as possible the strength of the opponent. In my opinion having a rating/ranking systems will encourage players to improve and continue playing Pokemon Go.

5. Special Trainer Events

Up to now events in Pocket Monsters have typically been limited Legendary Pokemon. Understandably so because these Pokemon are the rarest of the rarest monster and no one would really care about battling a special trainer in the mainline series. As far as we know, Pokemon Go will not have traditional campaign therefore Gym Leaders, Elite Fours and Champions will likely not be in the game. A solution to this problem is to delegate the Gym Leaders, the Elite Four and Champion to being special events. Just imagine it, to progress to the Champion fight players would need to have beaten the  eight Gym leader events and the Elite Four. Hosting a Special trainer event every-so-often will keep players on their toes and keep them engage with the game. Considering there are 6 leagues to conquer there is plenty of content to offer until the next generation arrives.

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