The 10 Best New Characters In Super Smash Bros. For Wii U/3DS

Super Smash Bros For Wii U and 3DS features the largest character roster that the series has ever seen. With a roster that boasts 49 strong characters, spanning from a dozen legendary franchises and hosting a number of icons – it will be hard to argue against the fact that Super Smash Bros. 4 is, perhaps, the greatest gathering of video game mascots ever.

The most exciting aspect leading up to the launch of a new installment of Super Smash Bros. is anticipating what newcomers will be included in the playable character roster. And I now for certain that when fans get their hands on the game they will almost always pick the newcomers to try out first.

With over a dozen newcomers making their debut in the latest Smash Bros, it can be hard to decide who is the best among the newbies. Fortunately, we have YOURS TRULY to weigh in on who is the best new character in Super Smash Bros. For Wii U and 3DS.

Firstly, let me say this is just my opinion and shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Rather, look at this article as an entertaining read that fosters discussion. To avoid confusion, I will be judging the character by various factors such as look, originality in playstyle, strength in the battlefied and more importantly the FUN factor, and not by competitive play viability.

So without further ado, here is my opinion on the 10 best new characters in Super Smash Bros. For Wii U and 3DS.

super smash bros for wii u greninja

10. Greninja

I can came into Smash Bros. adamant that Greninja was going by one of my main characters. It was only natural for myself to gravitate towards Greninja since he was one of my main stays in my Pokemon X&Y competitive team, but his playstyle in Smash Bros is not my cup of tea. It’s not that Greninja is a bad fighter, on the contrary he is a solid character. Rather Greninja did not click with me. Despite this, I can still appreciate and respect this fast and elusive fighter. I particularly like implementing a hit and run tactic, using his speed and mobility in conjunction with his Water Shuriken to deal attritional damage. Many would agree that Greninja is easily one of the best looking fighters, especially his ninja like moment.

super smash bros for wii u palutena

9. Palutena

Lady Palutena is an easy choice for the top 1o best new characters in Super Smash Bros. For Wii U and 3DS. I told myself back when Palutena was first revealed that she was going to be overpowered as hell. But now, after having played dozen matches with Palutena, my fear has subsided and can clearly see she is well rounded character. I suppose many Smash fans will agree that she falls in the zoning character category. I think many will spam her Auto Lock, which in my opinion is one of the best projectile in the game, and let’s not forget that absurd Up-smash. Also helping her cause is that fine body, only second to the likes of Zero Suit Samus, Peach and Wario.

super smash bros for wii u robin

8. Robin

Robin, is no doubt, one of the most unique characters in Super Smash Bros. For Wii U and 3DS. I think the more cerebral players that have a strong grasp in strategy, spacing and management will be drawn to Robin. The limits applied to the Tomes and Levin Sword use adds additional depth that other characters simply do not have. While Robin’s movement feel somewhat sluggish and floaty, he/she more than makes it up for it in his zoning tools and powerful Levin Sword. In the other hand, aesthetically Robin isn’t the most lavish character in Super Smash Bros. For Wii U

7. Bowser Jnr

I couldn’t have predicted the inclusion of Bowser Jr in one hundred years. But I am certainly glad that he was included as he is easily one of the most refreshing and comical characters that the series has seen in a long time. Riding on the back of his clown car, ejecting cock-work bird bombs, shooting canons and licking opponents with a devilish – Bowser Jr is simply a joy to play with even if you don’t have the intent to win. Best of all, his alternate costume feautre a number of cute Koopalings.

super smash bros for wii u mega man

6. Mega Man

Old school gamer’s will no doubt love Mega Man, but I have no emotional attachments towards Capcom’s mascot having been born a little later to enjoy his offering. Initially I found Mega Man a little awkward to fight with, to no fault of anyone but my own. But once I understood his inner workings, Mega Man has become one of my most potent pocket characters. With a good array of projectiles, psuedo projectiles (side smash attack and jab) and the best meteor smash in the game, it would be a little foolish to not consider Mega Man.

super smash bros shulk

5. Shulk

Admittedly, I haven’t gotten the hang of Shulk, but I see incredible potential in the Monado wielder. In my opinion, he is a combination of Marth and Ike meshed into one character. I believe learning how to manage and essentially using the advantages and attributes give through the five Arts will be critical for success.

  •  翔 (Jump): higher jumps,lower defense.
  • 疾 (Speed): faster movement,weaker attacks.
  • 盾(Shield): higher defense, slower movement.
  • 斬(Buster): stronger attacks, weaker launch ability.
  • 撃(Smash): Stronger launch ability, weaker attacks, lower defense against launching.

Although, I have not fully grasped the Arts and Shulk’s play-style I very much look forward to seeing high level play with the character.

super smash bros for wii u duck hunt duo

4. Duck Hunt Duo

Duck Hunt Duo was a no brainer for a top five position. A dog and a duck fighting alongside each other is just pure genius on Sakurai’s part. More impressive is how well this unlikely pair play. I particularly like how satisfying kicking the explosive can on the face of the opponent feels, and his impressive Frisbee throw is a powerful zoning tool. Duck Hunt Duo was the perfect choice for the obligatory old school mascot.

super smash bros little mac

3. Little Mac

Sakurai was right when he said that Little Mac will be a refreshing character. There is simply no one like Little Mac in Super Smash Bros. For Wii U and 3DS. Abysmal aerial game and even worst recovery option are Little Mac’s Achilles heels. However, Little Mac more than makes up for it in speed, power and super armor. His smash attacks are quick and -pardon the pun – pack a powerful punch. I often see many newb’s attempting to button mash the hell out of Little Mac, but I tend to opt for precision when using the tiny boxer. In my opinion Little Mac is a little too overpowered, especially in the hands of an adept player

super smash bros wii fit trainer

2. Wii Fit Trainer

I am a little bias in this choice. As some may have already guessed, Wii Fit Trainer, alongside Sheik, are my main characters in Super Smash Bros For Wii U and 3DS. Sure Wii Fit Trainers hit boxes takes quite a bit of time to get use to and her fighting style is a little unusual to say the least, but she/he plays like a dream once you get the hang of the exercises.  Wii Fit Trainers most lethal weapon is the Sun Salutation, a powerful projectile that will have your opponents on edge when at high percentages. Although, I am still discovering the uncharted waters of Wii Fit Trainer, I have a feeling that she/he will be a top tier character… well, I hope so, as she is my main.

super smash bros pac man

1. Pac-Man

I don’t have an informative opinion on Pac-man strength as a competitive character. In truth, the Pac is so fun to play with that I often don’t pay much attention on who is winning. But from what I can gather, Pac-Man is certainly a solid character. His bonus fruit is more than decent, Power Pellet is surprisingly fast and an excellent recover option, and Fire hydrant is a marvelous defensive and offensive attack. The only reservation I have for Pac-Man is his KO’ing ability. Anyway, if we go by the fun factor then the Pac surely takes the prize. My opinion, of course!

What are you thoughts on my top ten best new characters in Super Smash Bros. For Wii U and 3DS? Don’t like me list? Do you like my list? What are your favorite new characters in Smash Bros. 4? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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